What is the Red/White/Blue schedule?

A process known as the “Red/White/Blue” schedule was implemented in April 2020 during the first COVID wave and lasted until June 1, 2020. The entire Stuttgart Military Community was either assigned or choose one of three groups (red, white, or blue group) to belong to, and limited their patronage to on-post services to the times designated for their group. The cycle operated in such a way that contact between community members was reduced (theoretically by 1/3) and it also allowed for services to be closed periodically for deep cleaning.

Currently no services are operating under the “Red, White & Blue” cycle. However, the plan will remain a part of garrison policy until further notice, should it need to be reestablished due to a resurgence of coronavirus within the community.

Click here for a video with a full explanation of the concept by Col. Condrey (Facebook video link; no account required to watch)