Sponsorship is a program designed to assist Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members as they move between installations throughout their career. An effective Sponsorship Program will promote Readiness for individuals, families and units. Moving is stressful. Communication with someone already in-place can ease the stress.

Contact your Sponsor at least 4 months prior to your planned departure – or as soon as possible if you have less notice.

Sponsors can help provide resources and links to help you plan for your unique requirements. Include all family members in the planning to ensure reduced stress for all. Understand some locations have special requirements – find out about them early and prepare.

Readiness is essential and your Sponsor is available to you to assist you for personal/family readiness and to ensure the unit’s readiness is high during PCS time. PCSing to Europe is a little different than to CONUS installations. Language barriers, driving rules, passport requirements, and more, can present additional challenges to your PCS. If you have never been stationed in Europe, your Sponsor is a great resource to answer questions and guide you during your PCS planning, travel and integration. If you have lived in Europe, let your Sponsor know. Sponsorship should be tailored to support your specific needs.

Knowledge is power and flexibility is key to a smooth PCS.

If you have received orders, but have not been assigned or contacted by your sponsor yet, please reach out to the Central Processing Facility staff for guidance. Phone: +49 (0) 9641-70-596-2599 / 2803 / 2745 Email: usarmy.stuttgart.id-europe.mbx.cpf@mail.mil

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