If a family member is exposed to a positive case, does the whole family have to quarantine?

Last Reviewed Dec 11, 2020

If the household can separate from the person who has been exposed, then the family does not have to quarantine as well.

For example, if the family member can quarantine or isolate themselves separate from the rest of the family for 10 days, then the rest of the family can continue to go to school and work.

If the exposed person cannot separate from other members of the household, then the entire household will need to quarantine along with the exposed individual.

The problem with letting family members go to school and work while freely interacting with someone in quarantine or isolation is the potential of 2-3 days of exposing their workplace/school if they then become positive.

Quarantine starts on the day of exposure or the day a person returns from travel. Do not wait to start quarantine until after being tested, if for some reason a same-day test is not possible. Quarantine ends on the 11th day.

Source: COVID-19 Guidelines for the Stuttgart Military Community, effective December 9, 2020