The only way to update a telephone number is within the Tricare Online portal. Follow these steps to set up an International mobile number or US Mobile Carrier not listed to receive notifications from TRICARE Online (TOL).

– On the TOL Profile page, select ‘Other’ from the list of Mobile Carriers.

– Enter your mobile number in the email format provided on this page.

– Contact your mobile carrier if you have any further questions.

GERMANY:  Carrier Format to enter on TOL in Mobile Number textbox.


Mannesmann Mobilefunk:


The following German carriers require users to complete steps on their mobile phone prior to receiving text via email.

Carrier           Step 1: On    Step 2: On TOL your Phone  Profile

E-Plus             To: 7676245 Message: START

O2                   To: 6245       Message: +OPEN

T-Mobile       To: 8000       Message: OPEN

Vodafone      To: 3400       Message: OPEN

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