The Department of Public Works (DPW) contracts Vectrus, a host-nation maintenance company, to perform the maintenance on base.

The Vectrus Help Desk can be reached either by phone or email.  From the received information, a Demand Maintenance Order, or DMO for short, is generated.

When submitting requests, include as much information as possible. This helps Vectrus evaluate the problem correctly, create the DMO immediately without needing follow up calls, and allows the right technicians to be completely prepared at the time of their first visit, which can eliminate the need for secondary appointments. The more information you can provide, the faster we can resolve the issue for you. “Broken,” “inoperable” and “needs replaced” are a good start but not quite enough. Specific locations, quantities, sizes, materials, etc. all help us evaluate what is needed for the repair.

DPW has 5 business days to review and approve each DMO. (DMO’s are unscheduled repairs that cost less than 3,500 euros and take less than 40 work hours to complete.) Once a DMO is approved, DPW assigns it a priority, and the request is released to Vectrus to begin the work. DMO priorities are established by the DPW and will be accomplished based on the following priority system: Emergency, Urgent, and Routine.

When you submit a request over the phone or online, you should receive a DMO number within 24 business hours via email. Customers are encouraged to keep track of the DMO number assigned to their request. They will receive it via email, and it is the fastest way to track specific work if questions should arise.

The Helpdesk is open from 0730 to 1630, and you can reach us at DSN 596-6200; CIV 0711 7228 6200. After this time you can call 421 6115/0711 7228 6115 for emergencies, which will be forwarded to the Fire Department. You can also place routine requests online at

Routine (Priority 3) – any other work that does not meet the criteria for emergency or urgent. Respond, on-site and complete to all routine work within thirty (30) calendar days of notification/release.

Urgent (Priority 2) – work is required to correct a condition which could become an emergency, and could seriously affect morale or that has urgent impact or mission requirements. Respond and be on-site for all urgent work within 24 hours of notification/release. Urgent work is normally accomplished from 07:30 to 16:30, Monday through Friday.

Emergency (Priority 1) – work required to repair or abate a problem resulting from a breakdown, stoppage or loss of a critical system or equipment which, if not immediately repaired, will endanger life, safety or health of personnel, and/or will result in the damage of government property, and/or would affect operations of a critical military missions.  Respond and be on-site:  within 2 hours with continuous work until completed or until category level is reduced and shall reschedule the remaining work for completion as soon as possible.

FOR EMERGENCIES, CALL +49 (0) 711-7228-6115, DSN: 115 (OPEN 24/7)

*Customer feedback is very valuable to us and our process. Filling out the form at the bottom of the DMO at the end of the repair helps us determine where we can improve.*

For more information email the Housing Services Office:




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