Documentation Requirements

The Stuttgart  Veterinary Clinic can also assist you with international pet travel requirements (contact details below). Another good resource for international pet travel requirements is: Some basic requirements are:

  • Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are current. Pets must have a current rabies vaccination 30 days in advance of travel.
  • Pets will need a 15 digit ISO compliant microchip implanted prior to the rabies vaccine.
  • Pets residing in the EU will need an EU pet passport.
  • Schedule a health certificate appointment with the clinic within 10 days of your flight. Your pet will need to be present for this appointment.
  • Travel will a copy of the animal’s health certificate, passport, and a photo of your pet.

Transportation Requirements

  • Ensure you plan for additional expenses in the PCS budget and save receipts just in case expenses are reimbursable or tax deductible. NOTE: Some personnel have reported delayed travel for family members to accompany pets on alternate airlines, out of pocket expenses in excess of $2000 that were not reimbursable, and the need to ask for support from family or friends to keep pets in CONUS (temporary boarding) during the time on assignment in Europe.
  • Due to recent policy changes for some airlines/carriers, some incoming personnel have reported significant additional expenses on last minute changes to secure travel for pets using different vendors. Research possible vendors to ship your pet independently and confirm arrangements on both drop-off and pick-up points/dates/times.
  • The Patriot Express offers cost-effective pet travel, however, whether flying on the PE or a commercial airline, the cost for shipping pets rest solely on the owner and is not reimbursable by the government. For specific PE flight details and reservations contact your SATO travel representative. Find out more at
  • Secure an airline-approved shipping crate that is the right size. Let your pet become accustomed to the crate before shipment by having practice sessions that build in time of confinement.
  • Put identification tags that include an emergency phone number around your pet’s neck. Print your name and destination address clearly on the shipping crate.
  • Feed your pet just a light meal about six hours before shipping — no water within two hours unless it is very hot (or the animal is very small). A water dish that is attached so it cannot tip should be provided, but it should be conveniently located to allow an attendant to provide water at stopovers without being bitten. Send dry food along if the trip is long. Do not tranquilize the animal.
  • Check with the agent who meets the flight about your pet’s progress when you are changing planes. Allow plenty of time between connecting flights to be sure your animal is transferred to your flight if traveling with you. Arrange to have your pet picked up immediately upon arrival. Airline facilities for pets may be limited or nonexistent.

The Stuttgart  Veterinary Clinic can also assist you with international pet travel requirements. The clinic is located on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2996. Hours of Operation: Mon, Tues, Wed, and Friday; 0830-1600; (closed daily 1200-1300) Closed all Federal Holidays and the last business day of the month at 3 p.m. Visit their Facebook page for most current updates!


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