How do I make an appointment to get an appliance fixed?

Appointments for appliance repairs are coordinated by the Housing Services Office.

A customer must call the Helpdesk and place their name on the appliance list before they will be considered for a repair appointment. Any follow up questions should be directed to the Housing front desk at 596 2230/0964 170 596 2230.

Residential appliances in Army Family Housing and Unaccompanied Personnel Barracks, are repaired by a contracted company Protec. Commercial appliances are also repaired by Protec. Please have the A# available when you call. It can be found on a white sticker on the appliance itself that the company uses to identify the specific machine.

Housing then determines if the appliance should be repaired or replaced, and calls the customer to coordinate an appointment accordingly.

Dining Facilities – 2963, 2314, 3314 – should call DSN 475-7194 from 0715 to 1600 weekdays and 0172 359 7799 for after-hours emergencies.

For more information email the Housing Services Office: