Does a traveler returning from the US who tests negative prior to flying still have to quarantine?

Last Reviewed Dec 11, 2020

Yes. USAG-Stuttgart is currently observing a two-test, 10-day quarantine protocol.

If a test is done at the arrival airport, it can be considered the first test and that individual can immediately quarantine. If testing at the Health Clinic on Patch Barracks, the first test should take place within 24 hrs of arrival. Test 7-8 days later. Following second test, continue with 10-day quarantine.

Quarantine starts on the day of exposure or the day a person returns from travel. Do not wait to start quarantine until after being tested, if for some reason a same-day test is not possible.

Incoming passengers who have spent time in a risk area in the last 10 days prior to entering Germany are now required to complete digital registration on entry. The registration can be completed through desktop, tablet or smartphone on the website:

The Federal Ministry of Health frequently asked questions for persons returning from risk areas English version is available at:

Source: COVID-19 Guidelines for the Stuttgart Military Community, effective December 9, 2020