Can family or friends come visit us in Germany?

This page was last reviewed on November 20, 2020.

In most cases, not at this time.

The European Union is not currently permitting U.S. citizens without European residency to enter for “non-essential” purposes, including tourist travel. Germany’s current COVID situation is dynamic, with updates and changes to the Nov 2nd Corona Ordinance ongoing. The German federal and state governments have asked for citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to and from areas with high numbers of infections, including domestic travel.

Germany’s Digital Registration on Entry
If you’re entering Germany from another country and have visited a high-risk area in the last 10 days, then you’re required to stay in quarantine for 10 days after entry. There is a 14-day quarantine protocol for those accessing or living within the U.S. Military Garrison community.

You need to complete the Digital Registration on Entry so that the local health authority can check whether you’re staying in quarantine. Your travel and contact details will be passed on to the local health authority at the place where you’ll be staying so you can be contacted there.

For those with special exceptions (Death/funeral, birth, wedding or extreme illness within the family), they should be prepared to travel with the following supporting documentation and others according to the situation:

-military orders (active duty) / proof of SOFA status (family members)
-marriage license (as needed)
-military ids
-proof of accommodation during 10/14-day quarantine

Source: Further information on current requirements for entry to Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic and who is not required to stay in quarantine is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.