Local news translated, Sept. 9

Daily Host Nation Stories – September 9, 2020

Germany fights for a more unified European approach to Corona regulations

BRUSSELS – Germany and the EU Commission are pressing for the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) to become the central point for COVID-19 information within the EU. They want that the agency should become an authority with the same power as the Robert Koch Institute here within Germany. Peter Liese, EU health expert for the CDU, believes that a strengthening of the EU agency would help bring order to the current chaos caused by the many different Corona regulations on travel bans, risk areas, and quarantine requirements in the EU. However, even within Germany the patchwork of corona regulations continues to exist. For example, on Tuesday, it was announced that brothels in North Rhine-Westphalia and the states of Hamburg, Bremen, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein will be allowed to reopen. However, they are not open in the rest of the country. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 9)

COVID-19 rules in schools: who, when, and where

Primary school children do not have to wear a mask in the classroom or during lessons, nor do they have to keep their distance. However, they are required to wear masks in the corridors and on the playground. Students are required to maintain separation from other classes. To ensure this, the start and end of school and breaks are staggered so that the respective cohorts remain separate.

Teachers, janitors, and secretaries have their own rules: In their dealings with each other, they are obligated to wear a mask and keep a minimum distance. However, teachers do not have to wear any mouth and nose protectors in class or while in contact with students. If they want to do so voluntarily, however, the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs says it is allowed.

In Baden-Württemberg, teachers need a medical certificate to be exempted from mandatory school attendance due to health problems. Pregnant women no longer belong to the risk group in Baden-Württemberg. They must decide for themselves whether they want to work voluntarily at school or prefer to give distance learning. In any case, even teachers who are exposed to risks at schools, have the option to distance learning. Students who are themselves seriously ill and students who have seriously ill relatives are exempt from the obligation to be present in school. However, mandatory school attendance is still valid – in this case it will take place through distance learning.

Schools are required to ventilate classrooms at least every 45 minutes and clean door handles and light switches daily.

(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 9)

Non-Corona related news:

Swimming moves from outdoors to indoors

The last chance to swim outdoors will be on Sunday, September 13. On Tuesday, September 15, the indoor pools will open again. However, even in the indoor swimming pool, restrictions are to be expected during Corona times. At the Boeblingen indoor pool, school swimming courses and other swimming courses continue to take place during the week. Therefore, tickets for others can only be offered early in the morning and in the afternoon starting at 4 p.m. with a total of 70 per time slot. Sauna access is also fixed at 15 guests in order to allow for distance regulations. All steam baths and salt rooms will remain closed due to the danger of aerosols. (Boeblinger Zeitung, Sep 9)