Local news translated, Sept. 23

Daily Host Nation Stories September 23, 2020

Almost all the countries surrounding Germany exceed the upper limit

With the exception of Poland (14.7) and Switzerland (34), all of Germany’s neighboring countries have exceeded the upper limit of 50 infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the past seven days. France with 108.9 cases and the Czech Republic with 133.9 are currently the most affected countries, while Great Britain, which recently decided to impose more severe restrictions on public life again, currently has a value of 44. (Ntv, September 23)

Lufthansa wants to make fast tests available to passengers

Lufthansa plans to start making corona quick tests available to passengers in October. This is what Group Manager Björn Becker says. He refers to corresponding offers from pharmaceutical companies like Abbott Laboratories and Roche. According to him, Lufthansa is considering opening test centers at airports in the USA and Canada. (Handelsblatt, September 23)

The National Academy of Sciences calls for uniform corona rules

Barely a week before the next federal-state meeting, the National Academy of Sciences ‘Leopoldina’ has called for more uniform rules across Germany with regard to corona policies. In an issued statement, the Academy warns that in order to effectively contain the pandemic, it is necessary for leadership at federal and state level to quickly agree on “nationally binding, effective, and uniform rules” and “to implement and enforce them more consistently.” Scientists from the Academy have repeatedly made policy recommendations in statements during the pandemic, many of which have then been incorporated into current policy, but not uniformly across the republic. (Stern, September 23)

Federal office warns of the dangers with UV-C disinfection devices

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection warns against the use of UV-C disinfection devices to fight the corona virus. The natural source of UV-C radiation is the sun. Since UV-Radiation can damage skin and eyes and is proven cancer-causing, UV-C disinfection devices should be used only in such a way that humans are not exposed to the radiation. Up to now, UV-C radiation has mainly been used to disinfect air, water and surfaces as well as to disinfect food. (Ntv, September 23)

Face visors are ineffective against aerosols

Recent studies in Japan have shown plastic visors for the face are completely ineffective in blocking aerosols in the air and thus protecting the wearer from infection. According to the trials, almost all droplets in the air smaller than five micrometers are not intercepted by the visor. Visors have become particularly popular as a means of face protection for those working in the service industry, such as in fast-food restaurants, electronics stores, and hair salons. However, this study cast doubts about the protection visors can and cannot offer when it comes to the transmission of the coronavirus. (Ntv, September 23)

Entire school closes temporarily due to Corona

Schorndorf – the Sommerrainschule in the Schorndorf suburb Schornbach will be closed as a precautionary measure from Tuesday on – the city administration Schorndorf communicated this on Monday evening. It is the first complete closure of a facility in the Rems-Murr district. The reason for the measure is that a family member of children attending elementary school received a positive corona test result on Monday. The three children of the affected family were therefore tested on Monday evening. The results are expected in the course of the week. In consultation with the Health Department, the Backnang State School Board and the city of Schorndorf, it was decided that all four classes would stay at home until the test results of the children were available. The same applies to the teachers who taught the children on Friday and Monday as well as the three childcare workers. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, September 23)

“Pandemic is only now beginning”

Infectious disease specialist, Dr. Christian Drosten predicts that Germany is not sufficiently prepared for the pandemic in the coming months. “We have to change things to control the situation in the coming months,” he said in the run-up to the World Health Summit in Berlin this October. “The pandemic will only really start now. Even for us.” The success so far, he said, was simply due to the fact that Germany reacted about four weeks earlier than other countries. “We have not done anything particularly well. We just did it earlier.” (Ntv, September 23)

Non-Corona News

Munich police department drug scandal expands

The drug scandal which has rocked the Munich police headquarters is expanding significantly. The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating 21 police officers, the office announced on Wednesday. The background is the suspicion of violations of the narcotics law and the anti-doping law. The still ongoing raid involves 18 public prosecutors and more than 90 state criminal investigators. Individual officers are also being investigated on suspicion of harassment and obstruction of justice. The investigation begin in 2018 after a suspected drug dealer stated in court that he had worked with police officers. (Canstatter Nachrichten, September 23)

Deutsche Bahn launches free WiFi at more than 100 train stations

Berlin – Rail customers and visitors can now dial into a new Deutsche Bahn WiFi network free of charge at more than 100 train stations throughout Germany. Initially, this will primarily include larger stations such as Cologne, Munich or Hamburg, as the German Press Agency learned from corporate groups. But the service is now also available in smaller places such as Trier, Straubing, and Sylt. For many train travelers in Germany, WiFi is important because mobile phone reception on the route is often poor. (Canstatter Zeitung, September 23)

Eiffel Tower evacuated because of bomb threat

Paris – The Paris Eiffel Tower has been evacuated due to a bomb threat. The incident happened around Wednesday noon, the operator of the famous Parisian landmark told the German Press Agency. The police confirmed an ongoing police operation because of the threat. According to the media, the area around the more than 300-meter-high landmark in the center of the French capital has been closed to traffic as a precautionary measure. (Canstatter Zeitung, September 23)