Local news translated – Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

HN Update, September 16, 2021

Baden Württemberg – New Corona regulation adopted
Stuttgart – In the fight against the Corona pandemic, stricter rules for the unvaccinated will apply in Baden-Württemberg as of today (Thursday). The cabinet of Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) decided on Wednesday by circulation a new Corona regulation with a three-stage alarm system, as the state government announced in Stuttgart. It is no longer based on the seven-day incidence of new infections, but on hospitals’ load of COVID 19 patients.  

Under the new system, the so-called baseline level currently applies. The warning level is declared once 250 intensive care beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients or eight out of 100,000 residents have been admitted to a hospital with Corona symptoms within seven days. Then, unvaccinated people will only have access to certain public areas with a negative PCR test. An antigen test will no longer suffice.  Level three – the alert level – applies as soon as 390 COVID patients are treated in intensive care units or the so-called hospitalization incidence is 12. Then the unvaccinated are no longer allowed into restaurants, cultural and sporting events.  Currently (as of Tuesday), 206 Covid 19 patients are being treated in intensive care units at hospitals in Baden-Württemberg. Of these, 95 (46.1 percent) are receiving artificial respiration. The number of Corona-infected patients admitted to a hospital within one week per 100,000 inhabitants is 2.25. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 16)

BadenWürttemberg – What does the 2G rule mean in concrete terms?

Seven-day incidence has been the most important metric in the fight against the Corona pandemic. That is now different. As of today, Baden-Württemberg is looking at hospitalization incidence and occupied intensive care beds in the state. If these numbers grow, a two-stage plan will take effect – and it will result primarily in restrictions for the unvaccinated.  

If more than 250 intensive care beds are occupied, the warning level is declared. If the incidence value is above 12, or if more than 390 intensive care beds are occupied, the so-called “Warning level” comes into effect. In some cases, this has massive consequences in daily life. On Tuesday, the incidence value was 2.25. The number of occupied intensive care beds was 206.  

When the “Warning level” applies, private gatherings will be restricted. The rule is one household plus five other people. Vaccinated and recovered people are not counted. Neither are people for whom there is no vaccination recommendation, for example, children. At the opera, concert, movie theatre or similar indoor events, unvaccinated people need a valid PCR test. This also applies to restaurants and business canteens. However, at the hairdresser’s and other body-related service providers, the vaccinated, recovered, and tested have access regardless of the type of test.

At the next step, the “Alert level” then one household may only meet with one contact person. At the opera, concert, movie theater or similar event, the 2-G rule applies; the unvaccinated are denied entry. Unvaccinated people who have not recovered will also no longer have access to restaurants and company cafeterias. Access to (non essential) retail stores will also be restricted, with the 3-G rule in effect. An exception is made for basic supply stores.

Unvaccinated persons can also not be denied any access to public transportation.

Exemptions are generally made for people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and people for whom there is no vaccination recommendation. These are exempt from mandatory PCR testing, and are also authorized access at any alert level. This also applies to pregnant and breastfeeding women.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 16)

Non-Corona related news:

Major event in Stuttgart – The Craft Beer Festival in Corona Edition
Stuttgart – Like many other major events, the Craft Beer Festival, which is organized annually by “Kraftpaule,” had to be cancelled last year. This year, it may take place again – albeit under strict conditions.

Beer, food trucks and live music: that’s the promise of the Craft Beer Festival, which is scheduled to take place in Stuttgart on Saturday, September 25, 2021. 25 breweries are to be on site that day at the Im Wizemann festival site to show guests their creations. The festival will be accompanied by live music from regional folk and acoustic punk rock artists, such as Dave Collide, I am Korny and Drank Burner. In addition, ambitious guests can prove themselves in the beer stein stemming competition.

While last year no festival could take place due to the pandemic, the organizers of “Kraftpaule” are putting on the sixth Craft Beer Festival in a Corona edition. This means: It may take place, but only in compliance with the established hygiene concept. This includes, among other things, that the festival this year is divided into two slots: the first goes from 2 to 6 p.m., the second starts at 6:45 p.m.. This is to ensure that as many people as possible can visit the festival and still keep the necessary distance.

Basically, the 3G rule applies at the Craft Beer Festival. Accordingly, visitors must either be tested, vaccinated or recovered in order to be granted entry. While the mouth-nose covering can be removed at the tables and seating areas, the mask must be worn when walking freely on the premises.

Should the festival have to be canceled due to stricter Corona rules, the entire ticket price will be refunded, according to “Kraftpaule.”

For people who can’t go to the Wizemann this year – either for personal reasons or because they no longer received tickets – the festival will be broadcast online. “Kraftpaule” offers them the possibility to have beer delivered to their home in advance, so it can be enjoyed during the livestream.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 16)