Local news translated – Wed, Sep 29, 2021

HN Update, September 29, 2021

HN Update, September 29, 2021

Latest data on the Corona pandemic
Stuttgart – Nationwide, the number of new coronavirus infections has been in a similar range for several days. Baden-Württemberg is currently recording a seven-day incidence of 80, with eleven counties in the state exceeding an incidence value of 100, including the state capital with around 138 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. The seven-day incidence is highest in Pforzheim (168).  

This makes Baden-Württemberg the state with the third highest incidence in all of Germany, after Bremen (116) and Bavaria (84). Nearly 9,000 new coronavirus infections have been reported in the southwest in the last seven days.

Measures to contain the spread of coronavirus nationwide are no longer tied to incidence. However, the value remains relevant as a gauge of infection risk and the number of people needing treatment.  In Baden-Württemberg, there are three levels for measures against the coronavirus. Which level applies is determined by the situation in the hospitals. While the daily reported rate of most recently hospitalized Covid 19 patients is systematically underreported, the number of intensive care beds occupied by corona patients is a reliable indicator of the burden on the health care system.

If more than 250 ICU beds in the country are occupied, the warning level kicks in – at which point the 3-G rule continues to apply to most areas of public life, but unvaccinated individuals must have a PCR test. If more than 390 intensive care beds are occupied, the alert level of 2-G applies; unvaccinated persons are then excluded from quite a few activities. Currently, 184 ICU beds are occupied. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 29)

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – 60 teachers tested positive
Stuttgart – A good two weeks after the start of school in Baden-Württemberg, 60 teachers have tested positive for the coronavirus. Although the number of infected teachers is rising, there is currently “no need to grow gray hairs,” said Education Minister Theresa Schopper (Greens) in Stuttgart on Tuesday. According to the Ministry of Education, the proportion corresponds to 0.04 percent of teachers in the state (as of Monday). 

The daily testing requirement for unvaccinated teachers gives the ministry a relatively good overview of the vaccination status of teachers, she said. The minister stressed that the protection of unvaccinated children under the age of 12 depends on those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. “I would not oppose mandatory vaccination here in the schools,” Schopper explained. However, he said, that is “no longer the bellwether number” because of a high vaccination rate among teachers. Schopper estimated that 80 to 90 percent of teachers in Baden-Württemberg are vaccinated  According to the ministry, about 138,000 teachers teach at general and vocational schools in the southwest.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 29)

Non-Corona related news: 

The construction of the Ferris wheel at Schlossplatz is progressing
After the Cannstatt Folk Festival was cancelled for the second year in a row, the Ferris wheel on the Schlossplatz is now to become an attraction.  The Ferris wheel will make its rounds until the end of the year

From Saturday, October 2, the Ferris wheel, which is 58 meters high, will be in operation, announces the city of Stuttgart. Visitors will then have the opportunity to experience a bird’s eye view of the city center from one of the gondolas until the end of the year.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 29)

Bridge demolition near Böblingen – The A 81 will be closed to cars starting Friday
The A 81 will be completely closed between Böblingen and Sindelfingen from October 1 to 3. From 10 p.m. on Friday. Initially only the section between the Hulb and Böblingen/Sindelfingen junctions will be affected. From Saturday evening until probably Sunday evening, the closure will be extended to the Sindelfingen-Ost junction.

A bridge will be demolished in the course of the highway expansion between Böblingen and Sindelfingen – with clearly noticeable consequences for many thousands of motorists in the Stuttgart region. This is because the A 81 – one of the busiest roads in Germany – will have to be completely closed to cars in both directions from Friday evening (from 10 p.m.) until at least Sunday morning due to the construction work. Specifically, the section between the Böblingen-Hulb and Sindelfingen-Ost junctions is affected.  The autobahn will be closed more often in the coming months.   

On Saturday, cars will be diverted mainly via Böblingen Hulb and Flugfeld. From Saturday evening, traffic will be routed via the B 464, past the Daimler site and through Sindelfingen city center. 

The bridge to Dagersheim is the first of eleven overpasses and underpasses on the A 81 that will be demolished and rebuilt over the next five years. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 29)