Local news translated – Friday, Sep 10, 2021

HN Update, September 10, 2021

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – State office expects significant increase in number of cases among schoolchildren
Stuttgart – The State Health Office (LGA) expects a significant increase in corona case numbers in the southwest after the start of the new school year. “The incidence is expected to increase significantly after the start of the new school year, in the 12- to 17-year-old age group,” Stefan Brockmann, head of the department of health protection and epidemiology, told the German Press Agency. “The incidence among younger people is likely to be significantly higher than in the rest of the population.”

However, with the increase in vaccinations, one is deliberately no longer looking only at the incidence, the chief virologist said. At the same time, he said, the goal has been set that there should be no more school closures. Baden-Württemberg has the advantage that the school vacations in other federal states have already ended and one can observe how the infection figures develop there in order to act accordingly in the southwest.   However, the expert also expects more infections among the rest of the population. The more autumnal it becomes, and thus again more indoors takes place, the more one must reckon with higher Corona case numbers. Therefore, in Brockmann’s view, vaccination and hygiene concepts remain the most important means in the fight against the virus.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 10)

New Corona regulation – 2G rule worries regional business
Stuttgart – People without a Corona vaccination may not be authorized to visit restaurants or events in Baden-Württemberg in the fall. These are then to be reserved for vaccinated or recovered people (called the 2-G-rule). This 2G rule is included in the state’s new corona ordinance, which is scheduled to take effect on Monday. However, everything that serves basic needs is exempt from the 2G rule. Buses and trains, supermarkets, gas stations and the like will remain accessible to the non-vaccinated. There the 3G rule will continue to apply (access for vaccinated, recovered or tested). Random checks by the law enforcement agencies are planned.

The restrictions are to apply once 390 of the approximately 1600 intensive care beds are occupied by corona patients or 12 of every 100,000 residents are hospitalized for the virus. The president of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, believes it is right to increase the pressure on the unvaccinated. “To break the fourth wave before it becomes dramatic, we should now introduce a 2G rule nationwide wherever possible,” he warned. FDP parliamentary group leader Hans-Ulrich Rülke counters. With “obviously arbitrarily set limits,” this plan is “tantamount to medieval thumbscrews to enforce vaccinations.” Unlike Rülke, Uwe Lahl, the head of the Social Ministry’s office, calls the 2G rule proportionate. 

The Baden-Württemberg Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) “is generally critical of access restrictions,” says its spokesman Daniel Ohl. “That applies to 3G and even more so to 2G.” Access restrictions for the unvaccinated always mean economic losses, he said, because they reduce the potential number of guests, and also discourage groups that include the unvaccinated from visiting. “Such regulations hit the hospitality industry harder than most other sectors of the economy,” Ohl said. The later the “2Gs” came, the smaller the negative effects.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 10)

Non-Corona related news:

City of Sindelfingen – Drinking water contamination
During a routine test of the drinking water in the city area of Sindelfingen, a contamination with enterococci was detected. Due to this finding, the drinking water no longer meets the requirements of the Drinking Water standard.  For precautionary reasons, the drinking water taken for consumption must be boiled until further notice.  The tap water can still be used for domestic purposes (showering, washing hands, flushing toilets, irrigation, etc.). As a precautionary measure, chlorination will be carried out in accordance with the permissible limits.

Retesting is currently taking place. These measures will remain in effect until they are lifted by respective notices. Warning runs with loudspeaker announcements will be made in the particularly affected areas.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 10)

Bicycle “Pretzel” Race in Stuttgart – road closures on Sunday
Stuttgart -On Sunday, September 12, the Pretzel Race will take place for the first time. More than 2100 participants will be cycling on three different routes: The longest route with 72 kilometers starts in Mercedesstraße, the Sunday Morning Cycling with 14 kilometers as well. The riders of the third route start in Korntal and ride a distance of 14 kilometers. After successful participation, all riders will receive a pretzel race jersey.

The registration deadline for the race was September 2, but those interested can register later on September 11 when the starting documents are handed out at the Festwiese stadium. In order to organize the race safely, some roads will be closed on the race day. According to the organizer, the duration of the restriction in the respective place is based on the passage time of the hobby cyclists. About 15 minutes before the field of cyclists, police and marshals will ensure that the route is clear.

The affected road closures are in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart Hofen, Feuerbach, Stuttgart Nord and Killesberg, Stuttgart Mitte. The longest closure will affect Friedrichstrasse and Theodor-Heuss-Strasse from around 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.. This is the area where the finish line will be entered.  All road closures, including those in the region, can be found on the City of Stuttgart website. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 10)

Breuningerland Sindelfingen – A Ferris wheel for Sindelfingen
Sindelfingen – Today, a Ferris wheel park will open at Breuningerland Sindelfingen. The centerpiece of the park is a 40-meter-high Ferris wheel accompanied by outdoor gastronomy and a large lounge area. At the highest point, it offers a breathtaking view over Sindelfingen and the surrounding area. On the opening weekend, the first 1000 guests will ride for free. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., the park will be a guest at Sindelfinger Breuningerland until Oct. 31, the company announced Thursday.

In addition to the Ferris wheel, an Italian restaurant and a fish restaurant will offer guests a culinary experience.  After the first two days, there will be free tickets for Breuningerland guests: The Ferris wheel park will be accompanied by a cashback campaign at the center. As a thank-you for their loyalty, visitors will receive a free ticket for purchases of 100 euros or more. For 250 euros there are two free tickets and for 500 euros four free tickets. The free tickets will be issued at the customer information desk upon presentation of the cash register receipts. The promotion runs while stocks last.  According to the center management, the park has a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept. Prerequisite for the visit is the 3G status (Vaccinated, Convalescent, Tested). Visitors must register at the entrance for contact tracking.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 10)