Local news translated, September 1

Daily Host Nation Stories – September 1, 2020

Carefree, naïve, and thoughtless acts contribute to positive COVID-19 increases

Covid-19 on the rise: The curve of Covid-19 has also been steadily increasing in the districts of Böblingen and Calw. The current rate of new cases in the district of Böblingen is with 1,762 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants, and thus significantly higher than before. Even though the new infections currently can be medically controlled; however, the numbers are an alarming signal. If it continues in this dynamic, new COVID restrictions may become unavoidable. The mask obligation at workplaces would be the least of the evils. Should, during the next few weeks, even more people continue to be negligent and behave thoughtlessly and irresponsibly, celebrate parties without distance or refuse to wear a mask, then we may have another problem; endangering our health and our economy. Although, it has shown that it is possible to return to normality, if people would behave sensibly and follow the AHA rules: (Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmakse  (distance, Hygiene, everyday mask). (Boeblinger/Sindelfinger Zeitung, August 28)

Non-Corona related news:

Diesel traffic ban: Signposting of the small environmental zone has been implemented according to plan violations will be fined starting in October

The State capital Stuttgart as well as the surrounding districts have developed the Diesel Traffic ban in the small low emission zone, and were fully implemented at the end of August: In the meantime all signs are up. According to the current 5th update of the air pollution control plan, the traffic ban applies, and is subject to further judicial

Decisions. As of July 1, 2020 for Diesel vehicles of the Euro norm 5/V and below.

The affected zone extends over the Stuttgart valley, as well as the city districts of Bad Cannstatt, Feuerbach and Zuffenhausen – the so-called small environmental zones. Violations of the new diesel traffic ban will be fined as of October 2020. The fine amounts according to the currently valid Fines catalog; 80 Euro plus fees and expenses.

The diesel traffic ban for Euro 5/V vehicles applies additionally to the 2019 existing city-wide diesel traffic ban for Euro norm vehicles 4/IV and beyond. It was ordered by the State of Baden-Württemberg and is a measure of the 5th update of the air pollution control plan. There are other general exceptions for police, among others, fire department, rescue service, people with disabilities and in medical emergency situations. The following vehicles are also permanently excluded from the traffic ban with a hardware upgrade. Temporarily until 30 June 2022, vehicles with

a software update for the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions, which has been recognized by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

In justified cases, exemptions can be applied for in addition to the general exceptions, the exception concept also provides for special cases for which an individual exemption permit can be applied for. The Application for the exemption is possible via e-mail: info@stuttgart.de.

Please note that there is no transition period for residents. In its statement to the city on the 5th update of the Clean Air Plan, the municipal council had suggested that a transition period of two years be granted for Stuttgart residents living in the small low emission zone. However, the state did not accept the suggestion.

Answers to the most frequent questions regarding the exemptions as well as important information are provided by the city of Stuttgart on its website under the link www.stuttgart.de/diesel-verkehrsverbot-verkehrsverbot. The catalog of questions and answers is updated and expanded on an ongoing basis. (Stuttgart Press Release, August 31)

Ban on barbecuing lifted in public green spaces

The city of Sindelfingen has lifted the ban on barbecuing on public green spaces due to the current weather conditions. However, all citizens are asked to observe the rules of conduct of the state forest law. The city of Sindelfingen asks forest visitors to continue to observe the following rules of conduct of the state forest law:

– From 1 March to 31 October a fundamental prohibition of smoking applies in the forest.- Making fire is only permitted at the official, firmly furnished fire places on the grill places.

– It is not authorized to barbecue in the forest on barbecues brought along.

– Open fire outside the forest must be at least 100 meters from the end of the forest.

. The fire must be supervised at all times, even in the permitted places, and must be extinguished completely before leaving the forest.

– In case of fire, immediately notify the fire department on the emergency number 112

(Sindelfingen Press Release, August 31)