Local news translated – Friday, Oct. 15, 2021

Host Nation Update, October 15, 2021

2-G option model – Stuttgart restaurant owners call for clear rules

Stuttgart – For the time being, the new Corona regulation will not have any major consequences for restaurant visit, as most restaurants will stick with the 3-G rule. “We are hosts, we do not want to sort people, we want to serve everyone,” says Bekim Pajazitaj, owner of the restaurants Nesenbach and Kursaal Bad Cannstatt. For cinema and theater operators, the elimination of the mask requirement could be an argument to stop letting in the unvaccinated. However, since the citizen tests have become chargeable, far fewer guests and visitors come with these proofs anyway.  When asked if he will now implement the 2-G rule, Carlo Spanu, operator of the Netzer restaurant, answers without thinking: “No, I can’t give up 20 percent of sales.” He calculated the shortfall based on the vaccination rate. He thinks the 3-G rule – admission for vaccinated, recovered and tested – is sufficient, especially since the infection numbers have stopped spiking.  Dennis Schuler, the operations manager of “Rothaus im Gerber,” argues that the measures should be relaxed. In his opinion, the vaccination rate is high enough for that. “Let’s get back to normal, please,” he says.

The Rothaus brewery is missing above all the younger guests, who have not come in the earlier numbers since May, presumably because they are more spontaneous and the effort with the tests is too high. Otherwise Dennis Schuler sees in the 3-G rule “the better evil”. There are no more discussions about this with the guests.  Others do not want to offend their unvaccinated guests either.  Some German movie theaters would like to introduce the 2-G rule from next week; preferably together with all inner-city cinemas and on condition that the mask requirement in the cinema hall is then dropped. The hope is that in the near future all of the Corona rules will be lifted. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 15)

Latest data on the Corona pandemic – Two states in triple-digit incidence range

Stuttgart – Across Germany, the number of new coronavirus infections continues to rise. Currently, an incidence value of 69 was reported. After some time in which only one state exceeded the 100 mark, now for the first time again two German states are in the three-digit incidence range: Thuringia (120,0) and Bavaria (100,2). The state of Saxony also scraped this mark with 99 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days.  Baden-Württemberg has the fourth highest incidence in Germany with a value of 89. Nationwide, 14 counties in the state are above the 100 mark – three more than the previous day.

The current corona rules

Nationwide, measures to control the spread of coronavirus are no longer tied to incidence, but to the situation in hospitals. In Baden-Württemberg, there are three levels for measures against coronavirus. Which level applies is determined by the situation in the hospitals. While the daily reported rate of most recently hospitalized COVID 19 patients is systematically underreported, the number of intensive care beds occupied by corona patients is a reliable indicator of the burden on the healthcare system.

If more than 250 ICU beds in the country are occupied, the warning level kicks in – at which point the 3-G rule continues to apply to most areas of public life, but unvaccinated individuals must have a PCR test. If more than 390 intensive care beds are occupied, the 2-G alert level applies, and unvaccinated persons are then excluded from a number of activities. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 15)

Böblingen-Ost Autobahn access closed through Saturday
From Thursday, October 14, up to and including Saturday, October 16, the Autobahn slip road (22 Böblingen-Ost) (as if driving towards the A81 from Panzer Kaserne) will be closed. Likewise, in the opposite direction (i.e. coming from the A81), direct passage to Panzer Kaserne is only possible after a short detour past the thermalbad.

The detour if travelling to the A81 from Panzer, will be through Sindelfingen, via Friedrich-Gerstlacher-Straße, Leibnizstraße, Eschenbrünnlestraße, Schwertstraße, Mahdentalstraße to the freeway exit 21 Sindelfingen-Ost. It will be sign posted – follow the “U” diversion signs.

The detour coming from the A81 towards Panzer will take place via a shorter detour utilising a newly constructed road. You will leave the A81 at the junction to the traffic circle, and then to Leibnizstraße and Friedrich-Gerstlacher Straße which leads you back to the Thermal bad and onto Panzer Kaserne.

The construction work is necessary for concreting the bridge caps for the new bridge of the so-called Netzkonzeption-Ost.