Local news translated – Wed, Oct 6, 2021

Host Nation Update, October 6, 2021

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – State wants 2G option model for restaurants and events
In the future, Baden-Württemberg wants to allow larger events without mandatory masks and distance rules if only vaccinated and recovered people are authorized in.

The state is planning a 2G option model, which has been in place in some States for some time, in the new Corona ordinance, which is to take effect in mid-October. With it there could be also again full halls and full soccer stadiums, communicated the Ministry of Social Affairs on Tuesday in Stuttgart. 

Restaurant owners and organizers can decide for themselves whether to allow only vaccinated or recovered people, however, guests must still wear mouth and nose protection and pay attention to distance. This is now to be dropped. The background to this is the stagnating infection figures and the higher vaccination rate.  Hotel and restaurant federation in the southwest assumes, however that most enterprises will stick to admitting the unvaccinated with a current Corona test, “in order to exclude no guests, which offers them more flexibility.  However, the draft for amendments to the Corona Ordinance are currently still in the process of internal government coordination.” Restaurant spokesman. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 5)

Latest data on Corona pandemic – Incidence in Stuttgart again above 100
Stuttgart – After the incidence in the state capital was below the 100 mark the previous day, the number of new infections in Stuttgart is now rising significantly again. In the past seven days, 686 people in the state capital have been proven to be infected with the coronavirus. The incidence is thus currently 109. In addition to Stuttgart, eight other districts in the southwest are in the three-digit incidence range.  In Baden-Württemberg, the number of new infections continues to fall to currently 79. Nationwide, a lower incidence was also recorded than the previous day: here, the seven-day incidence is 62.  Measures to contain the spread of coronavirus nationwide are no longer tied to incidence. However, the value remains relevant as a gauge of infection risk and the number of people needing treatment.    (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 6)

Non-Corona related news: 

A81: Road surface renewal on 2 weekends – From October 8 to 11 and from October 22 to 25 / From Friday evening to Monday morning
Böblingen / Hildrizhausen / Ehningen. On two weekends in October, the Autobahn will  renew the road surface of the A81 between the Böblingen-Hulb junction and the Hildrizhausen junction in the Ehningen area. In order to interfere with traffic as little as possible, the construction work will be carried out around the clock on two weekends: from October 8 to 11 and from October 22 to 25, in each case from Friday evening, starting at around 8 p.m., until Monday morning, presumably 5 a.m.

The A 81 between the Böblingen-Hulb exit and the Hildrizhausen exit in the area of the Ehningen exit will be reduced to one lane in each direction for approximately 1.7 kilometers. Traffic will run on only one directional lane during these periods, first in the direction of Singen, then in the direction of Stuttgart. (BB.heute.de, Oct 6)

New high pressure area brings a lot of sun – and frosty nights
At the weekend, a new high pressure area gains the upper hand in Stuttgart and the region. As a result, the maximum daily temperatures rise again when there is a lot of sunshine – but there is also a catch.

The high pressure area brings a lot of sun to Stuttgart. The temperatures rise again to 16 degrees Celsius on Friday. On Saturday we get enough of the sun with similar temperatures. Sunday also shows itself again from its most beautiful October side, although the daily maximum temperatures drop to 14 degrees Celsius.

Due to the cloudless sky, however, the weekend nights are also very frosty. “On Saturday night it is around six degrees Celsius, and on the two following nights it can even go down to zero degrees Celsius,” explains Nerding.