Local news translated – Thu, Oct 7, 2021

HN Update, October 7, 2021

End of free Corona tests – How much will a rapid test cost starting Monday?
Stuttgart – As of Monday, Corona tests are no longer free of charge. If unvaccinated people need a rapid antigen test as proof for a visit to a restaurant, concert or stadium, they will have to pay for it, although certain groups will be exempt from paying. How this innovation will play out and what prices will be charged for the tests will become more concrete  next week.

Currently, there are nearly 1400 operators of testing stations in Baden-Württemberg, including 400 pharmacies, at nearly 2200 locations, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs. In general, there is talk nationwide of a price range of 15 to 25 euros. However, each pharmacy calculates individually, just like other test center operators.

Certain groups will be exempted from a cost obligation – children under 12, those unvaccinated for medical reasons, pregnant women up to three months, foreign students who received unapproved vaccines, and also to “previously breastfeeding and pregnant women” for a transitional period until Dec. 10. Proof can be provided in many cases with medical certificates, passports, maternity passports,  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 7)

Non-Corona related news

Construction work near Ehningen- A 81 becomes bottleneck again
Böblingen district – The A 81 between Stuttgart and Singen will again be a bottleneck this weekend. From Friday, October 8, to Monday, October 11, the section around the Ehningen junction south of Böblingen will be resurfaced. According to the responsible highway company, the reason for the construction site is massive damage to the porous asphalt (OPA) applied there. Although this has the advantage of causing less noise, it is considered to be less durable and therefore needs to be renewed more often.    In order to avoid having to completely shut down the important arterial road for the second weekend in a row, the road builders are only closing one direction of travel. Traffic is being diverted to the opposite lane in a single lane. A section of 1.7 kilometers between the Böblingen-Hulb and Hildrizhausen junctions in the direction of Singen is affected. 

Work will begin on Friday evening at 8 p.m.; by Monday morning at 5 a.m., the work should be completed and traffic should be flowing freely again. During this time, motorists must be prepared for considerable disruptions and plan more time for the weekend trip south – or avoid the area altogether.  In two weeks, it will then be the turn of the Stuttgart direction: from Friday, October 22, to Monday, October 25, the construction workers will once again move in and renovate the pavement on the opposite carriageway. Again, traffic jams and obstructions are to be expected.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 7)

Sindelfingen. Culture tent and open-air events,
IG Kultur Sindelfingen is starting its new fall program. Most of the events will take place in the converted pavilion at Calwer Bogen. The concert starts with Theresa Bergmann and band on Sunday.  

As a prerequisite for the visit, the Baden-Württemberg Corona Ordinance currently stipulates 3G. Admission is therefore only possible for those who have been tested, vaccinated and recovered. Should the key figures deteriorate and the alert level be declared, it is even possible to restrict participation in events to 2G, i.e. only vaccinated and recovered persons.

A medical mask must be worn in the pavilion, which may only be removed for eating or drinking.  With these general conditions, visitor numbers like before Corona could be allowed in the pavilion again. However, IG Kultur has decided to limit the number of visitors to 90 people for the time being in order to improve the feeling of safety among those present. However, the number of spectators will be regularly reviewed and increased if necessary.  The program is impressive, because IG Kultur follows the principle of diversity, as in previous years. From rock and jazz to a cappella and ska, acoustic guitar music, krautrock and Swabian singer-songwriters, everything is on offer. Cooperations with the Youth Citizen Foundation and the Swabian association Mund-Art round off the overall picture.   Booking details over the Internet on www.igkultur.de or one can use the advance booking portal of” Reservix” or on-line www.igkultur.de.  (BB.heute.de, Oct 7)