Local news translated – Tues, Oct 12, 2021

Host Nation Update, October 12, 2021

Latest data on the Corona pandemic – Occupied intensive care beds in the country down over the weekend
In Germany, as well as in Baden-Württemberg, there was a slight increase in new infections . Ten counties in the southwest are currently in the three-digit incidence range. Pforzheim (210) even exceeds the 200 mark. Stuttgart also continues to record rising infection figures. The state capital recently reported a seven-day incidence of 126 – the highest value in the region. The Rems-Murr district (100.9) is also minimally above the 100 mark again. 

Nationwide, measures to contain the spread of coronavirus are no longer tied to incidence, but to the situation in hospitals. Here, there are two indicators that are considered reliable indications of the burden on the health care system. One is the hospitalization incidence , which indicates the newly admitted COVID patients. The second indicator is the number of intensive care beds occupied by COVID patients. On Monday, 188 intensive care beds occupied by Corona patients were reported in Baden-Württemberg. If more than 250 intensive care beds are occupied, the first warning level takes effect. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 12)

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – Why many Corona tests will cost money as of yesterday
Whoever needs an official proof of a negative Corona test, needs to pay out of their own pocket from now on. With a few exceptions, the federal government will no longer cover the costs. It is expected that some providers will close their test centers because the operations will no longer be profitable. Those that do remain will be able to set the price themselves. The price is likely to be between 15 and 25 euros per rapid antigen test.

There are exceptions for certain groups of people, such as people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. They will continue to be offered free tests and until the end of the year, the state will provide schools with free tests for children and adolescents. Tests will also remain free in clinics and nursing homes because residents and patients rely on social contact. Companies must also offer free tests to their employees. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Oct 12)

Böblingen-Ost Autobahn access closed for three days this weekend
From shortly after midnight on Thursday, October 14, up to and including Saturday, October 16, the Autobahn  slip road (22 Böblingen-Ost) (as if driving towards the A81 from Panzer Kaserne) will be closed. Likewise, in the opposite direction (i.e. coming from the A81), direct passage to Panzer Kaserne is only possible after a short detour past the thermalbad.

The detour if travelling to the A81 from Panzer, will be through Sindelfingen, via Friedrich-Gerstlacher-Straße, Leibnizstraße, Eschenbrünnlestraße, Schwertstraße, Mahdentalstraße to the freeway exit 21 Sindelfingen-Ost. It will be sign posted – follow the “U” diversion signs.

The detour coming from the A81 towards Panzer will take place via a shorter detour utilising a newly constructed road. You will leave the A81 at the junction to the traffic circle, and then to Leibnizstraße and Friedrich-Gerstlacher Straße which leads you back to the Thermal bad and onto Panzer Kaserne.

The construction work is necessary for concreting the bridge caps for the new bridge of the so-called Netzkonzeption-Ost.