Local news translated – Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021

Host Nation Update, November 3

Corona warning level in force – Stricter Corona rules apply to the unvaccinated, effective today
Since the fixed threshold for the occupancy of intensive care beds with COVID patients was  exceeded, stricter Corona measures will now apply to unvaccinated people.  Those who have not been vaccinated or recovered must now present a PCR test for numerous indoor leisure activities; for example, in restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools, museums or canteens. At outdoor establishments, a 3G test will be required in the future, however, a rapid test will usually suffice there.

Contact restrictions are also returning, at least for the unvaccinated. Meetings are now limited to one household and five other people. Vaccinated and recovered people, as well as people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, are exempt. Children and adolescents 17 and younger are also not counted. 

The reason for the cuts in people’s daily lives is the increase in the number of COVID patients in intensive care units. According to the state health office in Stuttgart, intensive care bed occupancy rose by 6 to 284 on Tuesday, meaning that the threshold of 250 occupied intensive care beds was exceeded for the second working day in a row, meaning that the warning level set out in the state’s Corona ordinance took effect for the first time.  The warning level goes into effect when the number of Corona patients reaches 250 for two consecutive business days or the number of Corona-infected people per 100,000 population admitted to clinics in a week rises to 8.0 or above for five consecutive business days. Weekends and holidays do not break the count. For the stricter rules to be reinstated, the levels must remain below the established threshold for five consecutive business days. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Nov 3)

Where can you take a PCR test in Stuttgart?
Here is a compiled list of test centers in Stuttgart that offer PCR tests for self-pay customers. You can find more test sites in the overview of the city of Stuttgart or via the quick test portal of the Corona warning app.

Here you can take PCR tests:  

  • Eurofins – Vitolus, Paulinenstrasse 40, 70178 Stuttgart
    Appointment: https://trustoneapp.com/registration/eurofinsgermany/
  • LMV Laboratories GmbH, Königstraße 26, 70173 Stuttgart and Mailänder Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart
    Appointment: https://dein.coronatest.de/
  • COVID Rapid Test Center Stuttgart City Center (7grad) – Theodor-Heuss-Str. 32, 70174 Stuttgart,
    Appointment: https://schnelltestzentrum-stuttgart.de/
  • Corona Test Center Naturopathic Practice Mitte, Alte Poststr. 4, 70173 Stuttgart
    Appointment: www.Naturheilpraxismitte.de
  • COVID Rapid Test Center Stuttgart Mitte (Proton), Königstr. 49, 70173 Stuttgart (entrance at Club Proton via Breite Straße),
    Appointment: https://schnelltestzentrum-stuttgart.de/
  • Rapid Test Center Stuttgart-City Center, Burgstallstr. 99, 70199 Stuttgart, Germany
    Appointment: https://schnelltestzentrum-stuttgart.de/
  • Pharmacy at Berliner Platz, Fritz-Elsas-Str. 51, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
    Appointment: https://ingenium-labs.de/
  • Europe pharmacy Stuttgart, Königstrasse 49, 70173 Stuttgart
    Appointment: https://ingenium-labs.de/
  • Rapid Test Center Stuttgart East, Ostendstraße 70, 70188 Stuttgart
    Appointment: https://ingenium-labs.de/
  • 15minutentest.de; Breitscheidstr. 12, 70176 Stuttgart,
    Appointment: https://15minutentest.de/stuttgart  

Corona warning level hits gastronomy industry particularly hard     
Stuttgart – Many companies in the hospitality sector fear negative effects on their business because of the Corona warning level in the southwest, according to the association. Further barriers to entry for non-immunized guests led “not only to declines in spontaneous visits to restaurants, but also to cancellations in the event and conference sector, as we know from quite a few member feedbacks.” 

In an association survey, a good 58 percent of participating companies said they were looking forward to the year-end business, which is important because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, with negative or very negative expectations. Accordingly, only just under 15 percent are in a positive mood. A good three-quarters said they currently have a worse booking situation than at the beginning of November 2019. According to the association, more than 500 Dehoga member businesses from Baden-Württemberg have taken part in the survey since November 2.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Nov 3)

Böblingen District Corona update
In the Böblingen district, the corona situation is still relatively relaxed. In its six hospitals in the districts of Böblingen and Calw, the Southwest Hospital Association has registered a total of ten intensive care patients with Corona, seven of whom are being ventilated. That is the same number as this time a year ago. Two of the ten patients are vaccinated.  In the past two weeks, the number of patients with Corona has doubled, says Tiziana Schuster, a spokeswoman for the hospital group. The average age of Covid patients has dropped compared to the second and third waves, she said. Whereas patients then averaged 63 years old, they are now 56. In total, there are 42 people in the network’s hospitals who have tested positive for Corona. “However, this also includes patients who are in the hospital because of an accident, for example, have no symptoms and whose infection was only detected by a test,” Schuster says.

The biggest change in the warning level affects unvaccinated people. For them, a simple antigen rapid test, which costs around 15 euros, is no longer sufficient to visit a restaurant, a cinema or an event. What is now required is a test based on nucleic acid detection, which is much more conclusive. Until now, the only tests available for this purpose were PCR tests, but these require a lot of time – about 24 hours until the result is known. Now, according to Björn Schittenhelm, a pharmacist from Holzgerlingen, there is a new method that can detect a corona infection in a short time.

Test stations From Wednesday on, there is the possibility to take such a test in all five test centers of the district (Alemannen pharmacy Holzgerlingen, Paracelsus pharmacy Böblingen, in the pharmacy in the Sindelfinger Breuningerland, in the Herrenberger Bärenapotheke as well as in Leonberg in the h&h pharmacy). After two hours, the result is known and is valid for 48 hours. The test costs 49 euros and must be paid for by the client. It is best to register online with the pharmacy beforehand. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Nov 3)