Local news translated – Nov 24, 2020

Daily Host Nation Update November 24, 2020

Editor’s Note – Since the publication of the November 2nd Corona Ordinance, Germany has been living under strict rules related to the Coronavirus pandemic in a bid to slow down the spread of the virus amid the second wave that has hit the whole of Europe. The Chancellor and state leaders will meet on Wednesday, Nov 25th to reassess the situation. Many proposals have been put forth and discussed widely in the news and on social media, but officially the November 2nd Ordinance still stands until tomorrow’s meeting concludes and new guidance is released.

Teachers will soon be able to self-test before teaching

Teachers in hotspot regions should in the future test themselves before school days in order to avoid possible infections in educational institutions. This is the result of a decision by the Conference of Health Ministers (GMK), which is available to ntv. According to the resolution, teaching staff will be trained in the use of rapid antigen tests. A bill to this effect is currently being drafted in the Federal Ministry of Health. At present already in Hessen a test run for self-testing of teaching staff is running, which shows promising results, it is said. (Ntv, November 24)

Baden-Württemberg presents vaccination plan

The Minister President Winfried Kretschmann and Health Minister Manne Lucha of Baden-Württemberg has laid out their proposed vaccination plan, which is to set up two central vaccination centers in each of the four administrative districts by December 15. In a second step, one or two district vaccination centers per city and district are to be established by January 15. As soon as a vaccine is available, the vaccinations could begin, according to the Ministry of Health. (Swp, November 24)

EU agrees on vaccine deal with Moderna

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the EU Commission has negotiated a framework agreement for up to 160 million doses of Moderna’s promising corona vaccine, due to be signed on Nov 25th. In August there had been initial talks about the delivery of 80 million doses and an option for a further 80 million. Moderna had stated last week that its vaccine had shown efficacy in almost 95 percent of cases in the last clinical test phase. (Ntv, November 24)

Pope Francis criticizes mask opponents

Pope Francis criticizes demonstrators who, in the pandemic, denounce the obligation to wear masks as an “unjustified imposition.” In his new book “Dare to dream!” the head of the Roman Catholic Church accuses the mask objectors of focusing on small issues and not standing up for social problems like racism and child poverty to the same extent. “They would never protest against such things; they are incapable of moving outside their small world of interests,” writes Francis. (Ntv, November 24)

Adventszauber – a small replacement for Stuttgart Christmas Market

Beginning Nov 26th, Stuttgart offers a small replacement to the Christmas market, called Adventszauber. Thirty-three booths will be spread throughout the city center and opened daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. (Closed on Sundays and holidays). The market stalls will stay up through January 9. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten,, November 24) 

Non-Corona News

Network problems at Vodafone

Serious network problems have arisen at mobile phone operator Vodafone. Nationwide “massive disruptions in the use of mobile data and telephony 2G/3G/4G” have occurred, a website of the Düsseldorf-based company stated on Monday afternoon. A cause was not mentioned. Another website, the portal “allestörungen.de,” registered around 120,000 fault reports from users, with an upward trend. The reports came from almost all regions and major cities in Germany, from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, and Cologne; even in Vodafone’s headquarters in Düsseldorf. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, November 24)

More violent criminals convicted than in the previous year

The courts in Baden-Württemberg have sentenced more people for violent crimes such as assault, murder, manslaughter, robbery, and rape for the fourth year in a row. This year’s numbers are higher than last year by 144. There have been 3,902 convicted persons in all. According to the State Office of Statistics on Tuesday, this was an increase of 3.8 percent. Less than one in ten convicted persons in 2019 were female. 2,040 of the criminals were Germans citizens, 1,862 foreigners. The statisticians further stated that the increase in violent crimes could be observed across all age groups. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, November 24)

Schönbuch tunnel undergoes major repairs

Maintenance work will be carried out in the Schönbuch Tunnel in both directions between Gärtringen and Herrenberg from Monday, November 30, 2020, until presumably Wednesday, December 2. This will require the complete closure of the tunnel. In order to keep the disruptions to a minimum, the full closure will be limited to the night hours. The detour is signposted as to follow route U 36 to the Herrenberg junction. The detour is signposted as U 45 to the Gärtringen junction. (BB.de, November 23)