Local news translated – Tues, Nov. 23, 2021

HN Update, Nov 23, 2021

As of tomorrow, Wednesday Nov 23, alert level II applies in Baden-Württemberg
Stuttgart – In Baden-Württemberg, the new tightened measures in the fight against the coronavirus will come into effect his Wednesday. Social Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) said in Stuttgart on Tuesday that the limit of 450 Covid-19 cases in intensive care units had been exceeded for the second time this week. That means the new alert level II with further restrictions will go into effect Wednesday. Before that, however, the government still has to pass the new Corona ordinance during Tuesday. Then, starting Wednesday, “2G Plus” will apply at events, bars and clubs.

This means that only vaccinated and recovered people who can also show a test will have access. In addition, there will be exit restrictions for the unvaccinated in hotspots above a certain threshold.  In retail and markets, the 2G rule is likely to apply as of tomorrow due to the sharp rise in Corona numbers in large parts of Baden-Württemberg – with the exception of basic services. The state government wants only vaccinated and recovered people in hotspot regions to have access to most stores during alert level II. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Nov 23)

Coronavirus in Germany – Winfried Kretschmann speaks out in favor of general vaccination requirement
Stuttgart – In the view of Winfried Kretschmann, Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, a general vaccination requirement would not only help in the fight against the coronavirus, but could also reduce the polarization of society. The state could not only get out of the pandemic fastest by introducing mandatory vaccination, but also pacify society in the medium term. Kretschmann said that mandatory vaccination could be implemented by imposing fines. He could not imagine, however, that the police would pick up people for vaccination and that those who refused would end up in jail. “Mandatory vaccination is not a violation of civil liberties. Rather, it is a prerequisite for regaining our freedom. For our Basic Law does not protect a freedom of arbitrariness. Rather, it follows the principle of freedom in responsibility.”  FDP state leader and Bundestag parliamentary group vice-chairman Michael Theurer, on the other hand, said, “A general vaccination requirement is a massive encroachment on various fundamental rights. We Free Democrats therefore consider it unconstitutional.” Also in view of AfD parliamentary group leader Bernd Gögel, mandatory vaccination would violate Article 2 of the German Basic law. ” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Nov 23)

German red cross (DRK) calls for tougher measures
Stuttgart – The aid organizations in the country are in a permanent state of alert – be it at nursing homes, vaccination offers or rescue services. This situation could have been avoided, believes Marc Groß.  We need to act much earlier and more consistently. For example, measures that work should be maintained for a while even when incidence rates are lower, and not immediately abolished. We will always have more difficult phases, but we must slowly start to learn from them. After all, the pandemic could keep us busy for years to come.  We also need many more testing services in the area. Both have to be easily accessible to people. You see that about 15 percent of COVID patients in intensive care units are vaccinated, and ultimately we also need to move toward contact restrictions among the vaccinated and the recovered. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Nov  23)

Christmas market in Böblingen – Cancellation causes great disappointment
Böblingen district – For a few days now, the wooden booths have been standing on the banks of the Lower Lake in Böblingen. Like a defiant sign, the wooden huts demonstrate that the city and its Christmas market will not surrender to the virus so quickly. The “Böblinger Advent Magic” was to take place from Wednesday to Sunday despite the exploding Corona infection figures and bring some pre-Christmas sparkle to the city. A fence around the area and 2-G controls at the entrances should make this possible, although in the circle the refusals piled up. Now Böblingen also had to cancel their market two days before the opening. The disappointment among the vendors is immense. Two days of set-up work: all for nothing. Other Christmas markets at Dagersheim, Altdorf, Grafenau and Herrenberg had to be cancelled, as well.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Nov 23)