Local news translated – Nov 18, 2020

Daily Host Nation Update November 18, 2020

Logistics sector start planning for vaccine distribution

Now that the development of corona vaccines is progressing promisingly, the logistics sector is getting into position. DHL as well as Kuehne + Nagel announce that they have already signed supply contracts without giving details. Fedex and UPS also want to secure a share of the global business. One sticking point is cooling – some preparations require continuous temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius. DHL is therefore considering procuring several hundred freezers for extreme temperatures. The company already has such “Ultralow Freezers” for special substances in stock. (Ntv, November 18)

Study confirms teleworking is here to stay

The trend towards the home office triggered by the Corona crisis will change the economy in Germany in the long term. When asked about the long-term effects of Corona on their company, 66 percent of the CFOs surveyed by the management consultants Deloitte said, “We plan to increasingly focus on remote working.” In the short term, this may cost businesses money, as 43 percent anticipate needing to expand cyber security. In the long run, companies can reduce costs associated with office space and utilities. And cost reductions are at the top of the list of strategic measures for 71 percent of managers in the next twelve months. If investments are made, most will spend money on optimizing organization and business processes, such as software, data, IT networks and website activities. (Canstatter Zeitung, November 18)

Corona administrative burdens slow down city hall

“I can only appeal to the citizens’ for their understanding and trust if many things are not going as quickly as usual at present. Corona is the priority, because this is a topic that needs to be well managed,” says Böblingen Mayor Dr. Stefan Belz. The slowdown is not because employees themselves have been affected by the virus. With only six employees out sick so far and two more in quarantine, the office so far has come through the second corona wave quite well. Delays are due in general to the additional tasks that come with the impact of corona mitigations. (BB heute, November 18)

Officials warn of possible lockdown extensions

With a view to next Wednesday’s Minister-Presidents’ Conference, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder is talking about a possible extension of the lockdown. “It is also quite conceivable that the lockdown will be extended,” the CSU leader said in Munich. “But always with appropriate assistance.” Like the support for companies in November, there must then also be December aid. The Minister President’s Conference must send a clear signal as to how things will continue in December and beyond Christmas and New Year’s Eve into January. (Ntv, November 18)

Non-Cororna News

Large-scale drug trafficking ring broken up

With a large-scale raid in several cities, including Stuttgart and Aalen, Bochum police have succeeded in striking a blow against large-scale drug trafficking. Since 2019, the Bochum police have been investigating nine men who are now in custody pending trial. The drugs (cocaine) came from Brazil and was sold throughout Germany, with Bochum serving as the hub. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, November 18)

Golf enjoys an upswing in popularity during COVID

“Golf is the winner of Corona,” knows the deputy chairman of SportKultur and golfer Gerhard Ziegler, even during the partial lockdown play is allow as the necessary social distancing with the sport is easy to maintain. Many people have taken advantage of the opportunity golf provides for exercise during the restricted times. In the case of SportKultur, the upswing has also been reflected in the membership figures for the golf department, which have risen from 160 to 190. Even now with shorter and colder days, Wolf is sure that enthusiasts will continue to play. “We have roofed, heated teeing grounds.” Further information about the golf practice facility and the department of SportKultur Stuttgart is available on the Internet at www.golfkultur-stuttgart.de (Canstatter Zeitung, November 18)

Glühwein and Christmas cheer to go

The Holzgerlinger bakery Konditorei Wanner has not missed the opportunity to convey a little Christmas flair. On the coming weekends, there will be “Glühwein to Go,” Christmas umbrella, where craftsmen will offer the odd Christmas gift. Starting on November 21, from 10 to 16 o’clock there will be Glühwein and Christmas cookies. In addition, the Burgstollen, which was allowed to mature in the castle Kalteneck. On Sundays, there is also an artisan who exhibits. Specially made products, produced with love, and made especially for the Christmas season. (BB heute, November 18)