Local news translated – Nov 12, 2020

USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs – Local news translated – Nov 12, 2020

Lufthansa starts trial run for quick tests

Lufthansa has started the announced trial run with corona rapid tests for all passengers on the Munich-Hamburg airline. All passengers were to be tested before the first aircraft of the day took off from Munich Airport to Hamburg at 9.10 in the morning. Alternatively, passengers could present a negative PCR test that was no more than 48 hours old or be rebooked on another flight free of charge. The rapid antigen tests do not detect the Covid-19 pathogen as such, but proteins associated with it. The mode of operation is similar to a pregnancy test, the results should be available after 30 to 60 minutes. (Ard, November 12)

RKI director cautions against any relaxation

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the corona situation in Germany is still very serious. The incidence of infections is still rising throughout most of the country, said RKI head Lothar Wieler in Berlin. He was cautiously optimistic, however, that the curve of new infections had decreased slightly. When asked how long the new restrictions would have to be maintained, he said the population would need to remain vigilant and continue these measures for at least a few more months. (Ntv, November 12) 

Corona outbreak in Steinenbronn’s senior center

Test results from 6 November confirmed that 31 of the 44 residents are infected with the Coronavirus. One of the residents has since died in hospital, another resident has been transferred to the hospital. Eight of the 54 employees also tested positive and are now in domestic quarantine. “The care of the residents by the staff is not endangered. Protective materials are sufficiently available on site,” says the press release of the responsible body. The house has been quarantined in coordination with the responsible health authority and will remain closed until November 16. Only in exceptional cases can visits be made to the house in consultation with the home management. (BB heute Nov 12)

At-home learning returns as infections rise

Due to increasing numbers of infections among students and teachers, more and more schools are having to shut down regular operations. According to data from 14 federal states, classroom instruction in 3,240 of a total of 40,000 schools is no longer taking place. In some cases, individual classes or even entire schools are in quarantine. In some cases, however, the schools also work with the so-called alternating model with divided classes. Some of the students come to school for lessons and some learn at home. (Funke Mediagroup, November 12)

Federal states record extremely high death rates

It’s a leader board no one wants to be on. According to the daily reports of all 16 federal states, North Rhine-Westphalia tops the highest infection rates with 4,572 new infections. Bavaria (3,426), Baden-Württemberg (2,944) and Saxony (1,738) follow. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the tail light with 116 new cases. The states together account for a total of 265 deaths. This number of cases is remarkably high. The day before there were 196, the highest value from last week was 169. More than 200 deaths per day were last recorded on May 1. (Ntv, November 12)

Non-Corona News

Eleven-year-old threatens to decapitate teacher

An eleven-year-old Muslim student threatened a teacher in Berlin with violence and decapitation. He is said to have thus reacted on Tuesday to announced sanctions in case his parents did not show up for the usual talks at school. “If this happens because my parents did not show up, then I will do the same to you as the boy did to the teacher in Paris. The Senate School Administration confirmed the incident in Berlin-Spandau and declared that the school supervisors and the Child Protective Services had been called in. School psychologists would speak with the boy. In his threat, the student referred to the murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty, which caused worldwide horror. Paty had shown Mohammed cartoons in class and was beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen. (dpa, November 12)

Country releases 250 prisoners before Christmas

Stuttgart – About 250 prisoners will be released from the prisons in the southwest this week. In the area of responsibility of the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office alone, there are 55. The reason for the releases is the Christmas amnesty. In total, there were on average about 6,500 prisoners in the state in October. “Prisoners who would be released around Christmas anyway and who are to be integrated into society should be given the opportunity to avoid homelessness over the Christmas holidays,” Minister of Justice Guido Wolf (CDU) told our newspaper. Within the framework of the Christmas amnesty, which has been in place in the country since 1963, around 270 people were released in 2019. Due to the corona-related lower occupancy of the prisons, there are fewer this year. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, November 12)

Foggy mornings typical for November

This week has seen dense fog covering the Stuttgart region. “This is a very, very typical weather situation for the fall and especially for November,” says Kai-Uwe Nerding, meteorologist at the German Weather Service in Stuttgart. The weather is currently determined by a high pressure area over Central Europe.  “The fog only dissolves at midday when the sun has developed enough power to dissolve the humid air,” explains the meteorologist. A low pressure trough from the southwest is predicted over the next few days, which will remove the damp base layer on the ground, which means less fog. (Stuttgart Nachrichten, November 12)