Local news translated – Monday, May 17, 2021

Germany is currently under strict lockdown restrictions, which include curfews.
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Daily Host Nation Update, May 17, 2021

RKI reports 5412 new infections, incidence unchanged
Health authorities have reported 5412 new Corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). A week ago, there were 6922 new cases. The nationwide seven-day incidence is 83.1, exactly the same as the previous day. Slightly increased week-on-week is the number of deaths. Whereas 54 new deaths were registered last Monday, today there are 64. (Robert Koch Institute, May 17)

Physicians’ association warns against abolition of vaccination prioritization in medical practices
The head of the doctors’ association Marburger Bund, Susanne Johna, warns against the abolition of vaccination prioritization in doctors’ practices. This would not result in more vaccines, “but simply more people competing for a scarce resource,” Johna told Deutschlandfunk radio. Those who are particularly crowded may thus get their turn sooner than people who need special protection. “If I now simultaneously give all people the idea that they can get their turn, but at the same time the good is so scarce that this is not possible at all, that leads to frustration.”(Ntv, May 17)

More than 40 million doses: 37 percent of Germans are vaccinated
The vaccination campaign in Germany continues to gain momentum. By Monday morning, more than 40 million doses of vaccine against the coronavirus had been administered. That means 30.7 million, or 37 percent, of Germans have been vaccinated at least once. More than 9.3 million, or 11.2 percent, now have two vaccinations, giving them full protection. Daily vaccination coverage declined over the Bridge Day weekend, as expected. On Saturday, 377,135 vaccine doses were administered nationwide, compared to 268,750 on Sunday, according to RKI vaccination rate monitoring. (Robert Koch Institute, May 17)

Sindelfingen outdoor pool opens on Monday
When booking the time slot, bathers leave their name, address and telephone number online so that contacts can be traced if necessary. The booking system is available from Monday, May 17, at www.badezentrum.de/tickets. In addition, a telephone service has been set up at the bathing center at 07031 / 860 20, where citizens without online access can contact from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday for assistance with bookings.

Beyond the public bathing service, a time slot is offered specifically for clubs. These can use the outdoor pool for their swim training on weekdays between 7:45 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. (BBheute, May 16)

Corona test: If the test is green you can enter the pub
As of today, the first stage of the opening concept of the state of Baden-Württemberg is in effect in the district of Böblingen. For many things, proof of a negative rapid test is required (alternatively, of course, vaccination certificate, who already has full vaccination protection, or convalescent certificate). This is why the network of rapid test centers in the district of Böblingen comes into focus.

Throughout the district, there are about 80 test centers – an overview of which test centers are where, with which opening hours or procedures, can be found on the homepage of the district of Böblingen (www.lrabb.de, Schnelltestzentren im Landkreis).There are five official rapid test centers spread across the district, and – docked to them – a few test sites each. In terms of documentation and control of daily updated test results, there is now also a wristband there. The rapid test is done as usual; in addition to the previous proof (query via DoctorBox website, DoctorBox app, result as PDF), the tested persons then receive a wristband with a QR code put on.

On site – for example when visiting a catering establishment – the code must be read and the result checked. A website opens and a traffic light system immediately shows whether the result matches. Up to 24 hours, the indication is green and the test is negative and valid – the respective person thus has the appropriate permit, according to the regulation. (If the query is yellow, the result is in process and is not yet available. If the query shows a red result, the test has not yet been applied or is older than 24 hours and therefore invalid. A wristband that has been removed from the arm loses its validity. Personal data is not stored via the code, only the time and test result. The assignment to the person takes place via the wristband, which is therefore also put on directly on site at the rapid test center or at the test site. (Bbheute, May 17)

Non-Corona local News

Attacks on Jewish institutions – tough punishments announced
Stuttgart/Berlin – Following riots at protests against Israel in Baden-Württemberg and other parts of Germany, politicians have announced a crackdown on any form of anti-Semitism. “We will not tolerate Israeli flags burning on German soil and Jewish institutions being attacked,” German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) told Bild am Sonntag. “Anyone who spreads anti-Semitic hatred will face the full force of the rule of law.” He offered the police forces of the federal states personnel and material support.

Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) also warned that crimes would be prosecuted harshly and consistently. “We will not tolerate blank anti-Semitism showing its ugly, disgusting and repulsive grimace under the guise of criticism of Israeli policy,” he said Sunday. “I find the idea generally intolerable that Jews should have to consider whether to publicly profess and acknowledge their faith.”

Uli Sckerl, the domestic policy expert of the Green parliamentary group in Stuttgart’s state parliament, also said he was convinced that the protesters were not only concerned with criticizing Israel. “Under the guise of a supposed protest against the policies of the Israeli state is hidden pure hatred against the Jews who live here in Germany,” he said Sunday. “To hold them responsible for Israeli policies is wrong.”

Faced with an escalation of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas, thousands of people had taken to the streets in several cities in Baden-Württemberg and other German cities on Saturday to express their solidarity with the Palestinians. There were riots and conflicts with police and counter-demonstrators. In Mannheim, police officers were pelted with stones after the assembly authorities banned the event. Pictures from Stuttgart showed people fending off demonstrators and police officers holding demo participants on the ground. 

The head of Baden-Württemberg’s FDP parliamentary group, Hans-Ulrich Rülke, called the demonstrations “shameful and unacceptable.” He called on the state government to investigate which organizations had been involved in the demonstrations and to weigh any cooperation with them. “These incidents will have a parliamentary repercussion,” he announced.

Tiger Mosquito in Baden-Württemberg
They are no more than ten millimeters in size, patterned in black and white, and quite annoying. Asian tiger mosquitoes are on the rise in parts of southern Germany. Here’s how to get rid of them again.

More than 90 cities and communities in the southwest have joined forces since 1976. The work of the mosquito hunters is complex: On the ground, they often fight their way through thickets, but many breeding sites can only be fought from the air. From a helicopter, the Kabs then distributes the biological agent Bti, which kills the larvae of the bloodsuckers.

A general outlook for 2021 is quite difficult, they said. “As always, we are heavily dependent on precipitation – at least as far as controlling the floodplain mosquitoes is concerned. So far, however, the season has been quite successful.”

In Baden, about 160 hectares and in the south of the Palatinate, about 100 hectares were to be treated by helicopter recently. It was also planned to fly over smaller areas around Römerberg, Lingental and Ludwigshafen. At the beginning of the week, a helicopter mission in southern Hesse and Rhinehesse was on the schedule. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 17)