Local news translated – Tuesday, May 3

Host Nation Update, May 3, 2022

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – State wants to shorten isolation to five days Duration of quarantine

Effective today, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, the quarantine duration for Corona infected persons who have tested positive will be shortened to five days. The start of quarantine is the initial detection of the pathogen by testing (test date). Close contacts and household members no longer have to be quarantined at all, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. However, the Ministry of Social Affairs recommends that these persons voluntarily limit contacts after a risk contact and pay special attention to protective measures.  The quarantine for those tested positive ends after five days, provided that no symptoms have appeared for 48 hours (i.e., since the third day). If symptoms appear on the fifth day, isolation must continue until they have subsided. However, it ends after ten days at the latest, even if symptoms still occur then.  

A negative test is no longer required to end quarantine. At the end of the five days (or ten at the most), the quarantine may be left independently without a subsequent test. However, those who are ill should continue to be at home. However, an exception applies to employees in the medical/nursing sector. There, a negative test after quarantine is required to be allowed to return to work.  The new quarantine rules in Baden-Württemberg apply to the entire population. No more distinctions are made between schoolchildren and adults.  The new regulations also apply retroactively to people who were in quarantine before May 3rd. Therefore, anyone who has been home for 5 days and no longer has symptoms can end quarantine. This applies to those who tested positive as well as household members and close contacts. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 3)  

Mask requirements

In B-W, masks are still mandatory in public transportation, at doctors’ offices, for rescue services and their places of operation, and in facilities for the homeless.  In dental practices, on the other hand, masks are no longer mandatory as of May 2. Here, according to the state health ministry, the federal health ministry has since clarified that this obligation should explicitly apply only in doctors’ offices. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 3)

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – Incidence in southwest continues to decline

The seven-day incidence in Baden-Württemberg of new Corona infections has dropped below 600. As of Monday, it was 578.3, according to the state health office – a 64.9 decrease from the end of last week (as of 4 p.m.). A week earlier, 834.5 infections per 100,000 inhabitants had been detected within seven days. However, due in part to declining test numbers, the figures are subject to a certain degree of uncertainty.  

Especially in the age groups up to and including 59 years, the incidence has been above the national average for months. According to the Stuttgart authority, this is where the figures are now falling fastest. This can be observed most clearly in the 6- to 19-year-old age group.  The number of new infections rose according to the office over the weekend by 15 564 to now a total of 3 503 174 registered cases since the beginning of the pandemic. At least 15,786 people have died from or in connection with the coronavirus, 29 more than previously reported.  There were 147 COVID patients in intensive care units. That represents a decrease of three. A week earlier, there had been 167 patients. There were 6.7 percent of intensive care beds occupied by COVID patients. The number of people infected with Corona in Baden-Württemberg who were hospitalized within a week and per 100,000 inhabitants also fell by 0.6 to 3.6. A week earlier, the so-called hospitalization incidence in the state had been 5.4.(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 3)

Showers, thunderstorms, hail – Weather in Baden-Württemberg becomes unpleasant

In the next few days, showers and thunderstorms as well as hail are to be expected in Baden-Württemberg. If the days start mostly still bright, on Tuesday and Wednesday at noon, there will be  showers and local thunderstorms.  With repeated thunderstorms, there could also be local severe weather hazards. Temperatures this week range between twelve and 22 degrees, and at night it cools down to three degrees. Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 3)

Program at the Böblingen Cultural Center – Music at the “Blaue Haus” (behind Schoenbuch brewery)

Those who want to start the weekend with a concentrated portion of soul will have the opportunity to do so on Friday, May 6. U.S. singer Journi will be back with her Playground Band starting at 9 p.m. and, together with Grönemeyer keyboardist Rainer Scheithauer and other music professionals, will present timeless classics and current hits.  Already on Saturday, May 7, it continues with award-winning blues. The Ignaz Netzer Quartett will be guests at the cultural network on the Schönbuch-Bräu grounds starting at 8 pm. Netzer has been on stage since 1971. Throughout Europe he has already given more than 2700 concerts. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” calls the singer, guitarist and harp player a “blues magician.” In 2015 he won the German Blues Award. Among his 16 published recordings, a solo CD was nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award in 2015. Netzer is accompanied by no less talented colleagues Werner Acker (guitar), Hansi Schuller (bass) and Peter Schmidt (drums).

More information can be obtained at www.kulturbh.de  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 3)