Local news translated – Friday, May 28, 2021

Germany is currently under strict lockdown restrictions, which include curfews.
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Daily Host Nation Update, May 28, 2021

The first evening after the lockdown – Stuttgart enjoys renewed freedom
Thousands were out and about in the city on Thursday evening to fulfill their longing for normality. There were queues in front of some bars, others remained empty.

“We haven’t had a single positive result so far,” says Fou Four bar manager Andreas Schuster happily. Still, he expects incidences to rise again. “Because so many are now getting tested to visit bars or restaurants, more infections will be detected,” he says.  Five minutes past nine, as the curfew hits, chairs are stooled up with the feeling that the first hours in the new freedom have done good after such a long period of abstinence. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 27)

Rush at test centers in Stuttgart – “Number of bookings virtually explodes”.
People are enjoying finally being able to visit stores again without click & collect and without making an appointment. And, maybe even go out for a nice meal in the evening. 

However, they do so only under certain conditions: Either fully vaccinated, or recovered or present a negative test result.  There are 170 test centers in Stuttgart, and in the city center; five almost within sight of the tent on Schlossplatz. There is an entire crew of 23 helpers. One of them keeps bringing the QR code to the waiting people who have come without prior registration: “Download to smartphone, fill in the personal data, then it’s faster.” No problem for most. What if someone doesn`t have a smartphone? “Then we do it manually. Just takes a little longer.”  However, it’s not just the urgent desire to be able to use the freedom they’ve regained that fills the test centers. “I go regularly once a week for testing.” Out of caution and for safety. Who knows, maybe one day this preventive health care will be as much a part of everyday life as brushing your teeth.(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 28)

State of Baden-Württemberg received too little doses of vaccines
Unlike other German states, Baden-Württemberg received too little vaccine. The southwest has received 95,000 doses of vaccine less than the state is actually entitled to by calendar week 20. Baden-Württemberg’s Social Affairs Minister Manfred Lucha is not alone in his criticism of the federal government.

At the same time, the vaccination centers in Baden-Württemberg are currently only being used to about 60 percent of their capacity. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 27)

Böblingen district – Young people vaccinated in Rutesheim
Rutesheim – young people vaccinated at the town hall of Rutesheim on Thursday afternoon.

A young woman or man sits on every second seat, waiting for the obligatory quarter-hour rest period after their vaccination against Corona. “It didn’t hurt at all, it was great,” enthuses Pia Epple. The 27-year-old from Rutesheim has just been vaccinated with an Astrazeneca.

She was not unsettled by the possible risks associated with the Astrazeneca vaccine: “Some of my friends were surprised when I told them about it. But I didn’t have to justify myself,” she says.  Even at primary care physicians, where vaccination prioritization has now been lifted, young people have so far fallen through the cracks because doctors naturally know their patients’ medical records – and would also give preference to older people and those with pre-existing conditions, she says. And what are the young people most looking forward to now that they have finally received the injection they have longed for and full immunization is closer? “I’m relieved that at some point I won’t have to get tested every day when I go to the gym,” says student Justus Anton Unfried (25) from Friolzheim in the Enz district. That was also the crucial question for him: how long he would not be allowed to do any sports after the vaccination. The doctor told him to take it easy for two days. “I’m glad to see some normality returning.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 28)

Weather in Baden-Württemberg – Much sun and little rain on the weekend
Stuttgart – Temperatures above 20 degrees and only sporadic rain are expected this weekend. On Friday, sun and clouds will alternate in Stuttgart. On Saturday, it will be mostly sunny in the west of the state with up to 21 degrees on the Upper Rhine, in the east, however, the meteorologists expect dense clouds, in the mountains it could also come to some rain showers.

On the Albs, it may cool down to 13 degrees.  On Sunday, according to the forecasts, the sun will shine at first, on the Rhine the thermometer will rise up to 22 degrees. In the mountains, rain is still possible with temperatures up to 15 degrees. Stormy gusts may also occur occasionally.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 28)

Non-Corona related news:
Tübingen – New life is returning to the “Hirsch Restaurant” in Bebenhausen just in time for the relaxation of COVID regulations. It’s the place where Württemberg’s last king, Wilhelm II, dined regularly at the traditional inn after his abdication, which is still commemorated today, and can be seen at the “Königsstube” inside the restaurant.  The business was closed at the end of 2020, and has now reopened. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 28) 

“Hörschbachschlucht” – where once bandits lived
Stuttgart – Around 1760, the “Mainhardt” bandits, a group of 58 men are said to have wreaked havoc in the Hörschbach canyon. Poverty and hunger drove them into crime. Numerous hiding places in the forest offered them protection. Anyone who dares to enter the “Hörschbachschlucht” near Murrhardt today is entering an adventurous little waterfall country.

The hiker’s parking lot is located directly at the canyon between the Murrhardt Riding Club, the “Schwarzenmühle” and the “Trailhof.” And, the first waterfall is in sight soon. Right at the beginning of the five-kilometer route, the “Vordere Wasserfall” plunges five meters into the depths. Then you follow the stream bed for about two kilometers virtually over hill and dale. You need a bit of a sense of balance, because there are not bridges everywhere and the path sometimes leads from stone to stone through the Hörschbach. Rainfalls and fallen trees constantly change the trail and make the tour exciting.  

An impressive natural spectacle then awaits you at the “Hintere Wasserfall” (rear waterfall): the water masses first fall three meters into the depths and then flow down twelve-meter-long cascades into the stream-bed. The reservoir with a sluice at the rest area above the waterfall is particularly popular with children. Here they can trigger a small waterfall themselves by opening the dam flap of the filled basin.

For the way back, the slope path on the signposted waterfall road is recommended, which leads over paved forest paths and is easier to walk on. However, even here some steep passages await the visitors. On this route, you will also pass the “Brunnelesweg barbecue area”, which you can use before the last stretch. There is only a limited number of parking spaces available at the ‘Hörschbach” waterfalls. Be sure to bring enough food, sturdy shoes and a change of clothes. Cell phone reception is limited.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 28) 

Maichingen (BB district): The indoor swimming pool reopens on June 1
Thanks to the falling incidence numbers, there is also reason to rejoice in Maichingen: from Tuesday 1 June, the Gartenhallenbad (Garden indoor pool) will reopen for public swimming under Corona conditions.

Here, too, visitors must either test negative (test max. 24 hours old), be fully vaccinated (proof of vaccination certificate, valid from 2 weeks after last vaccination) or have recovered. (proof of PCR test result that is at least 28 days and no more than 6 months old).  The proofs should be shown together with an official identification document at the cash desk.

Unfortunately, the ticket office staff may not allow access without the appropriate proof. Children up to the age of 6 do not need this proof. All visitors must be absolutely symptom-free when entering the indoor garden pool. (BB.heute.de, May 28)