Local news translated – Thursday, March 3

Host Nation Update, Mar 3, 2022

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Intensive care units are relieved – fewer corona patients
Stuttgart – The number of corona patients in the intensive care units of Baden-Württemberg hospitals has continued to decline.

According to information from the state health office on Wednesday, 254 seriously ill people are still being treated there, which is 17 less than the previous day and 37 less than the previous week (as of 4 p.m.).

In the normal wards, the number also decreased slightly from 1594 to 1590 patients (previous week: 1734). The seven-day incidence in Baden-Württemberg of new COVID infections, on the other hand, remained largely at the level of the previous day. Within a week, 1357.6 infections with the coronavirus were detected per 100,000 inhabitants. This was 2.5 more than the previous day. In the previous week, the value had been 1494.3. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Mar 2)

Corona vaccination in the Sindelfingen district – Novavax is ready as of Friday
Sindelfingen – The delivery of vaccine doses from the company Novavax have arrived in the district of BB.

In accordance with the requirements of the state, facilities in the district of Böblingen were first contacted, whose employees are affected by the facility-related vaccination obligation – for example, employees in nursing homes.

The vaccine is to be reserved for them as a matter of priority. In addition, the district must store half of the vaccine doses for the second vaccination. 

However, starting Friday, March 4, appointments for vaccination with Novavax can be booked via the booking software at the district vaccination center Sindelfingen in the exhibition hall. (Link on the district’s homepage, www.lrabb.de , keyword “Information on Corona vaccination”). When booking, a query is also made as to whether one is eligible for the vaccine for professional reasons. Employer certification does not need to be provided.

The new vaccine will initially only be vaccinated at the KIS in Sindelfingen. Both delivery quantities and demand were unclear, so it did not seem to make much sense to plan for deliveries to office-based physicians in light of the state’s requirements, 

The vaccine from the U.S. company Novavax is administered in two vaccinations, three weeks apart. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, March 3)

NON-COVID related news:

Comeback at the Cannstatter Wasen -Green light for the spring festival “light”
Stuttgart – Now it’s official: On Wednesday, the city of Stuttgart announced that from April 16 to May 8 on the Cannstatter Wasen carnival is allowed – but in a scaled-down form. There will be no marquees at the spring festival “light”. Not affected by this ban is the Almhüttendorf. “The beer garden concept of recent years will be expanded.

Attractions include a Ferris wheel, a white-water ride, a free-fall tower, the “Wild Mouse” and much more. “At the moment, we are assuming that the pandemic regulations will be relaxed, so that we will not have to additionally fence off the festival grounds,” said Andreas Kroll, the managing director of in.Stuttgart. This decision is subject to the next Corona regulation, he added. Opening hours will change: on weekdays, the carnival will be open from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., and on weekends from noon to 11 p.m. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Mar 3)

More Demonstrations scheduled in Stuttgart against war
Stuttgart – A large rally on Saturday in Stuttgart, a peace demonstration instead of the Faschin (carnival) parade on Monday in Cologne: people in Germany feel the need to protest against the war in Ukraine and, above all, to show their solidarity with the people there.

The central Schlossplatz or any other place in the city is not always the meeting place. On Thursday, March 3, the district office Degerloch and the parishes Degerloch (Protestant, Catholic, New Apostolic) together set a sign. They do not want to protest so much as express their concerns and wishes for the people in Ukraine with a prayer for peace. The meeting point is from 6 to 7 p.m. in front of the Degerloch district town hall.

The Society Culture of Peace (GKF) looks back on a long tradition of commitment against warlike conflicts. It has registered for Saturday, March 5, a rally on Stauffenbergplatz in the city center under the title “Stop the war in Ukraine”, from 4 pm. 

The nationally acclaimed Stuttgart band Rikas and the Russian-Ukrainian-German Malion Quartet will perform for refugees from Ukraine this Saturday, 3 p.m., at Marienplatz. The International Forum for Science, Education and Culture, the author Joe Bauer with Künstlersoforthilfe and the Forum of Cultures invite people to attend this event. During the concert, money will be collected for Ukrainian refugees. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Mar 3)

Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg – Refugees Ukrainians may use buses and trains free of charge
Refugees from Ukraine do not have to buy a ticket on the VVS public transport system until the end of March. It is sufficient if they present a valid ID from Ukraine.(Stgt Nachrichten, Mar 3)

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