Local news translated – Wednesday, June 17

Host Nation Update, June 17, 2022

“Southside” Festival is back after Corona break

The rock music festival “Southside” is back. Up to 65,000 visitors are expected by the organizers after two years of corona-related break for the official start of the festival near Neuhausen ob Eck (district of Tuttlingen) this Friday. As headliners, the two US bands Kings of Leon and Rise Against are expected from 23 clock.

The line-up of bands is almost the same as for the originally planned festival in 2020. Only five groups had canceled their performances this year, announced a spokesman from the organizer FKP Scorpio. The majority of guests had also already bought their tickets in previous years.  COVID should not play a role this year between the loud guitar music and the party atmosphere on the camping site. The makers are planning without Corona restrictions. It will be a normal “Southside” festival, they said.

Like its sister festival “Hurricane”, the “Southside” festival is one of the largest German open-air festivals. Dozens of bands are expected on the former airfield site until Sunday evening. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 17)


Wilhelma: Multiple youngsters among the alpacas

Three seems to be a lucky number for the alpacas at Wilhelma this year: Three foals are to be welcomed, the first of which was born on a “third”, and that in the three-foal group of the South America enclosure. Last year, the Zoological-Botanical Garden in Stuttgart had no alpaca births to report. Therefore, three is great joy for the three young animals as they enrich the community enclosure of anteaters, maras and alpacas and are on the move as a play group. Lore was the first of the trio to be born on May 3.

The gestation period of alpacas is about eleven months. In comparison with llamas, alpacas are the smaller representatives of the New World camels. They are descended from different species of wild animals. The alpaca is the domestic form of the vicuña, while the llama is the domesticated form of the guanaco. Alpacas have been kept in South America for thousands of years, primarily as wool suppliers, but they also serve as beasts of burden in some cases. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 17)


Rottweil district – State road closed due to falling boulders

Due to falling boulders and debris, police have closed the state road 108 between Schramberg and Lauterbach (Rottweil district). This was expected to continue throughout Friday morning, police said. “The risk of further landslides is still under review.” A detour was set up for traffic. On Thursday evening, according to the information, debris and boulders up to 60 by 60 centimeters in size had fallen onto the roadway and blocked the passage.


Schlossplatz in Stuttgart – Beach volleyball in the middle of the city

On the Schlossplatz, the sand is not under but over the pavement, and that for three more days. Since Wednesday, top volleyball players have been meeting with pupils, students and recreational athletes on the beach volleyball court in front of the Freitreppe. (liberty stairs).  This Friday from 9 to 11 a.m., by the way, the largest sandbox in the city is reserved for children. Then on Saturday, a professional tournament for men and women (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) is on the schedule, and on Sunday, an integration tournament (9 a.m. to 7 p.m.). And every evening, the court becomes a city beach from 7 to 10 pm. Organizers are the Volleyball-Landesverband, the City-Initiative Stuttgart, the city of Stuttgart and the sports agency Beach&Soul.(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 17)


Colorful program at the Sindelfingen street festival from June 17 to 19

The international street festival has been an absolute highlight in Sindelfingen for over four decades. This year it will take place from June 17 to 19.

The opening of the 44th International Street Festival will take place on Friday, June 17 at 7 p.m. on the Marktplatz stage by Lord Mayor Dr. Bernd Vöhringer and the Street Festival Association.  The office for culture of the city of Sindelfingen and the association ISPAS have put together a colorful mix of music, dance and folklore, the twin towns inspire with local specialties. Among others, the STB Big Band, Wild Country, Roxis Timeless (Diana Remon & Friends) and the Spanish cultural association Sal Marina e.V. will perform on the partnership stage. On Saturday evening, there will be culture from Ukraine twice. At 5 p.m. musicians from the Ukrainian Atelier Stuttgart will play.  During the International Street Festival, the streets in the festival area will be closed. Access to the underground car park Marktplatz will only be possible via the entrances Rathaus and Wolboldstraße. Appropriate detours to the Rathaus entrance will be posted; road users are asked to follow the signs.  Festival visitors are asked not to carry large bags or backpacks on the festival grounds. Also, any alcoholic beverages are prohibited and cannot be brought onto the festival grounds. (BB.heute.de, June 8)


Boeblingen will celebrate approx. 45 events between June 23 and September 4

Traditional series of events start June 23 at the “Oberer See” (Upper lake) with “Summer at the lake”, as well as the city festival between 1 – 3 July, as well as “Schlemmen am See” (Dining at the lake) form 20 – 24 July (BB.heute.de, June 8)



Card payment not possible – bathers need cash (in Stuttgart)

The bathers of the Mineralbad Berg were not in a good mood as soon as it was their turn to pay. Because that was possible on Thursday neither in the bath mountain nor in the mineral bath Leuze with credit card. The visitors were told that the problem had been going on for three weeks, but that did not improve their mood – especially as many guests looked in vain for an ATM in the immediate vicinity.

Victim of a software error
Stuttgart’s pools have the same problem as the retail sector: certain payment terminals – including those of the payment service provider Payone – failed at the end of May due to a software error. Payone said at the time that a certificate error within certain versions of the software provided by the U.S. manufacturer was the cause. As a result, there had been “significant limitations in the processing of transactions on card payment terminals of the type H5000 from the manufacturer Verifone.”

According to the department which operates pools and baths, the city had also been alerted by service provider Payone three weeks ago to problems with the devices from the manufacturer Verifone. “Verifone H5000 terminals are in use in all Stuttgart pools,” says press spokesman Jens Böhm. On the part of the service provider, only what was stated on its homepage was known: Payone was working at full speed to “remove the interference from all affected Verifone H5000 terminals”. For this purpose, a manual software update is necessary, after which an automatic software update is to be installed on the terminals. The updates should be available from July. “When card payment will be possible again without problems, I can unfortunately not tell you at this time. We point out via notices that there are currently unfortunately problems with the card payment,” says Jens Böhm.

Swimming pool office recommends online tickets
If you want to cool off in the open-air pool, you have no choice but to pay cash for admission. Unless, of course, you take advantage of the Internet. During the pandemic, the cashless purchase of tickets had become common practice, especially since only certain time zones could be booked and used. The so-called online tickets for all currently open pools are still available, fortunately without time restrictions this summer. The online tickets are also available via cell phone if you are already standing in front of the pool.