Local news translated – Tuesday, Jun 29, 2021

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HN Update, June 29, 2021

Corona rules in Baden-Württemberg – Less restrictions as of today
Updated rules have been in effect in the country since June 28 – with a total of four opening levels. Each is further relaxed in counties with an incidence below 50, 35 and 10. Where the incidence of 10 is stable, events with up to 1,500 attendees and private meetings with up to 25 people are authorized. Where the incidence is below 35, outdoor gatherings are generally allowed without 3G evidence (vaccinated, recovered, tested). Indoors, the 3G rule applies only to a limited extent.

If the incidence is below 10, 35 or 50 for five consecutive days, the rules are relaxed. If it is five days above that, the rules are tightened. The state government summarizes details in this overview. We use the current infection situation in the table to show which counties are eligible for which rules. 

Delta variant responsible for 25 percent of new infections
Across Baden-Württemberg, the number of new coronavirus infections continues to decline, with the seven-day incidence for the state in single digits for several days. While the number of new infections continues to decline, the delta variant continues to spread. The mutation, first detected in India, now accounts for a quarter of new infections and is slowly displacing the alpha variant in the country.  

However, the significantly more infectious delta variant has not yet led to more new infections.   Currently, fewer than 5,000 new coronavirus infections are confirmed per week.   Meanwhile, some different mutations of the coronavirus are known. The British mutation (alpha variant) still accounts for the largest proportion in the southwest. However, the share of the delta variant, which was first detected in India, is constantly increasing. It is considered particularly contagious and is leading to rapidly increasing incidences in the UK.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 29)

Non-Corona related news:

Heavy rain in Stuttgart
Monday night’s storm left severe damage in Stuttgart, but also throughout Baden-Württemberg, and raised questions – such as whether the sewage system can even absorb such amounts of rain. For the weather station on the Schnarrenberg, weather data is freely available since 1958. Only on eight days more rain fell since then than on Monday, where 59 liters per square meter were determined. However, on the other record days, significantly higher amounts of rain were recorded – in May 1978, for example, almost 97 liters per square meter. At that time, there were floods throughout Baden-Württemberg, and the Neckar burst its banks.   (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 29)

Böblingen and Ludwigsburg counties – Violent storms cause million Euro damage
Ludwigsburg – Heavy thunderstorms have given the fire departments and the police in the districts of Ludwigsburg and Böblingen a “continuous operation.” In addition to fallen trees, flooded basements and flooded streets, the emergency services also had to take care of the evacuation of a flooded nursing home and the treatment of two injured drivers. As the police announced on Tuesday, the police command and situation center in Ludwigsburg alone had received nearly 100 emergency calls on the previous evening.

In Remseck am Neckar (Ludwigsburg district), Waldenbuch and Bondorf (Böblingen district), the flooding of underground garages has caused damage worth millions. In Waldenbuch, part of a nursing home was evacuated after flooding. Damage there amounted to around 100,000 euros. In Bondorf, several cars were damaged by falling trees, but fortunately no one was injured, according to initial reports.  On highway 8 near Rutesheim (Böblingen district), two people were slightly injured in a car accident due to aquaplaning. The damage amounted to 30,000 euros.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 29)

After thunderstorm over Waldenbuch: Flooded basements and closed roads
The storm that passed over the district of Böblingen on Monday evening; flooded basements in Waldenbuch, underground garages and even the retirement home had to be evacuated. Also the street at the Waldenbucher “Glashuette” was temporarily closed because of high water. In the old town center, in addition to the retirement home, several underground garages and apartments as well as offices on the first floor were affected by the flood. Fire departments from Aidlingen, Steinenbronn, Schönaich, Holzgerlingen and Sindelfingen were on site to provide support. The operation continued well into the night. There is no information about damages yet. (BB.heute.de, June 29)

European soccer championship on Tuesday, June 29: 

England against Germany at 6 p.m.