Local news translated – Monday, June 28, 2021

Daily Host Nation Update, June 28, 2021


Corona rules in Baden-Württemberg – Less restrictions as of today

STUTTGART – In regions with a stable incidence of less than ten infections per 100,000 inhabitants, 25 people from any households may meet again. In the two higher tiers, up to an incidence of 35 and 50, four households with a maximum of 15 people are authorized to meet. Vaccinated and recovered people do not count, according to the regulation. Previously, in counties with a sustained incidence below 50, only meetings of up to ten people from three households were allowed.  Most recently, the Corona situation has eased considerably, with numbers dropping for weeks, and declining over the weekend to a statewide incidence of 7.3 on Saturday. Under the new Corona ordinance, what is allowed is based on a four-stage model: Tier four applies to incidence above 50, tier three from 50 to 35, tier two from 35 to ten, and tier one for all cities and counties with incidence below ten.  New levels of liberty will soon be available in the catering industry, in retail, in hotels, in swimming pools and amusement parks. As of Monday, all restrictions will be lifted if the number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants is below 35 within a week.   Galleries, museums and libraries can also be visited as in previous times if the incidence is below 35. Amateur and recreational sports, including dancing, will also be facilitated: There will be no longer any restrictions for incidence levels one and two.  However, mask obligation will remain; especially  in enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, museums, theaters, cinemas, doctors’ offices or public buildings, as well as on public transportation such as buses and streetcars.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 28)


Böblingen district: More loosening of Corona restrictions starting Monday

BOBLINGEN – Incidence level 1 means an incidence below 10. The new tier affects the district of Böblingen, which has already been consistently below the 10 mark since June 14 (currently 7.1).

As of Monday, June 28, the corresponding regulations of the state’s new Corona ordinance will go into effect. In incidence level 1, 25 people are authorized to gather in a private area, no matter how many households. Private parties, such as a wedding, can be held with a maximum of 300 people, in enclosed spaces, subject to the three Gs. (vaccinated, tested or recovered).

In the catering/restaurant trade, on the other hand, the three Gs (vaccinated, recovered or tested) are lifted. Here, only a hygiene concept and data processing are required. (BB.heute.de June 28)


As of today, no more mandatory testing required at Stuttgart’s Day care centers 

STUTTGART – No more testing obligation in Stuttgart Day care centers as of Monday. It was previously based on a general decree, and applied to children over the age of three. On June 25, the testing order expires and will not be extended.  The decision was met with criticism from parents and educators, facility managers and providers. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 27)


Non-Corona related news:

Sindelfingen – Cultural/Fairytale festival has opened 

SINDELFINGEN – “Once upon a time … a city called Sindelfingen celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2013 with a major cultural spectacle.” The festival welded the citizenry together and was like an initial spark for the already very bustling cultural scene of the Daimler city. The cultural festival is now in its fourth round. The opening took place on Saturday afternoon. The fact that the pandemic is still an issue, despite a low incidence, and will probably remain so for quite some time, is also reflected in this year’s festival program. Nevertheless, until the preliminary conclusion at the Biennale Picnic on July 17 in the “Sommerhofenpark”, around 50 events are planned at various locations. Many of the events will take place outdoors, and numerous activities are aimed specifically at children.  The fact that the Biennale will continue to be a festival “by Sindelfingen residents for Sindelfingen residents” in the spirit of the organizers is also demonstrated by the citizens’ project “My Fairy Tale Garden,” in which more than 200 homeowners have already decorated their gardens with wooden fairy tale figures ranging from Little Red Riding Hood to Rumpelstiltskin. (BB.heute.de, June 28)


Böblingen: Friedrich-List-Platz traffic circle fully closed

The asphalt pavement at the Friedrich-List-Platz traffic circle urgently needs to be replaced, especially in view of detour traffic during the A81 expansion. This pavement renewal will be linked to the construction work currently underway at Elbenplatz in order to avoid a renewed closure of Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee in the direction of Sindelfingen after its completion.

Therefore, a full closure of the traffic circle will be necessary from Sunday, June 27, until presumably Friday, July 2, 2021. The end of the closure is dependent on the weather because of the marking work required for this. The following traffic detours are possible: right turn on Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee via the bypass past the Friedrich-List-Platz traffic circle in the direction of Elbenplatz. Left turn from Stadtgrabenstraße into Poststraße. Drive from Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee across Elbenplatz both to the left into Poststraße and straight ahead into Herrenberger Straße in the direction of Tübingen/Herrenberg. Right turn from Herrenberger Straße into Poststraße. (BB.heute.de, June 28)

European soccer champion ship on Monday, June 28: 

Croatia against Spain at 6 pm