Local news translated – Monday, June 24, 2021

Daily Host Nation Update, June 24, 2021

Corona rules in Baden-Württemberg

Incidence rate must be below a specified level or five business days. Reliefs go into effect the day after notice is given.  Under 100 catering / recreational facilities with testing, events inside up to 250 participants / outside up to 500 participants.

Under 50 retail without testing, private meetings with up to 10 people from three households, museums, zoos, etc. open without requirements.

Under 35 events outside up to 750 participants, no more testing obligation for outdoor dining:  

Stuttgart: current Incidence rate: 9/ At least 5 days: 35

Boeblingen: current Incidence rate: 7/ At least 5 days: 35

Calw: current Incidence rate: 8/ At least 5 days: 35

Esslingen: current Incidence rate: 8/ At least 5 days: 35

Heidelberg: current Incidence rate: 9/ At least 5 days: 35

Reutlingen: current Incidence rate: 12/ At least 5 days: 35

Tuebingen: current Incidence rate: 5/ At least 5 days: 35  

(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 24)


Goeppingen – Delta variant on the rise

Stuttgart Region – A top ranking is not always a reason for celebration. This is what people in the district of Göppingen are currently experiencing. The district currently has one of the highest seven-day incidences in all of Baden-Württemberg. This is due to the fact that there are currently several outbreaks with up to 15 infected people each, according to the district office there. Among others, three schools, some kindergarten groups, companies and families are affected.  In the district office one fears that the mask obligation in schools, which has been relaxed since Monday, has a negative effect on the numbers. This could have real consequences: On Monday evening, the incidence in the district of Goeppingen was 25. Should it rise above 35 again, stricter rules would come into force again. Anyone who then wants to go to a beer garden or outdoor swimming pool would have to be tested prior.  

In the district of Böblingen, 15 infections with the Indian Corona variant were detected. Here, the district office distinguishes between the delta variant B.1.617.2, which is of concern, and the kappa variant B.1.617.1, which is currently classified as less dangerous. “Only five are confirmed delta cases,” says Simone Hotz from the Böblingen district office.   (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 24)


One in three people in Germany is fully vaccinated 

In Germany, more than one third of the population is fully vaccinated. This is according to the vaccination rate monitoring of the Robert Koch Institute. About 1.268 million vaccination doses were administered on Wednesday. It was the fourth strongest vaccination day so far since the beginning of the German vaccination campaign for Corona vaccination. Thus, the proportion of fully vaccinated increased to 33.5 percent (previous day: 32.4). Simply vaccinated are 52.2 percent of the population. (Ntv, June 24)

Non-Corona related news: 


Böblingen: Food festival at the lake is canceled 

Until the end, the restaurant owners  hoped to be able to implement the most popular gourmet festival in the district of Böblingen – which traditionally takes place in the last week before the summer vacations. 

The costs, which are difficult to calculate due to the ongoing conditions, as well as the lack of possibility to entertain the guests also in the indoor area of the tents, has finally persuaded the organizers to postpone the big birthday anniversary of 30 years “Schlemmen am See” (food festival at the BB lake)  to 2022. (BB.heute.de, June 24)

Thunderstorm in Baden-Württemberg

REUTLINGEN- Five people were injured in a storm in the Reutlingen region. Tennis ball-sized hail came down from the sky on Wednesday evening, a police spokesman said Thursday morning. In Tübingen, the water had also run “in torrents” through the city. Traffic was severely affected and numerous houses and cars were damaged.  

The thunderstorm has caused closed roads and full basements in the north of Baden-Württemberg. Police said Thursday that roads and paths had to be partially closed in the Freudenstadt district on Wednesday evening due to debris on the roadway. The heavy rain also severely restricted traffic in the Enzkreis district. However, no one was injured in the storm.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 24)

Full closure continues on B 464 near Sindelfingen

SINDELFINGEN – The full closure on the B 464 between Sindelfingen and Maichingen will be extended until July 16. Since October, the asphalt surface layer on the B 464 has been renewed. To increase traffic safety, the roadway is also being widened to create breakdown lanes and emergency stopping bays. Due to the unstable weather, the construction work would have been delayed again. Instead of opening the road these days, it is now expected to take until July 16 for everything to be completed.  After that, a half-lane closure will be necessary in this area for about ten days for the remaining work. The roadway in the direction of Sindelfingen will continue to be maintained for traffic. The subsequent construction phase will be carried out with full closure of the B 464 between the K 1064 and the L 1189, during which the asphalt layers will be installed and concrete protective walls built. (BB.heute.de, June 24)