Local news translated – Wednesday, Jun 2, 2021

Germany is currently under strict lockdown restrictions, which include curfews.
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Daily Host Nation Update, June 2, 2021

Things to do with the easing of COVID restrictions around Stuttgart
With temperatures rising significantly, the Stuttgart region is gradually waking up from its Corona forced sleep. Because the incidence figures have fallen below the 50 mark comparatively quickly almost everywhere in recent days, the state capital and the district administrations in the region can announce further, long-awaited relaxations during this week and the weekend.  

The Böblingen district continues on its pioneering course: not only has the incidence been below 100 for so long that as of this Tuesday, for example, restaurants are allowed to stay open an hour longer. meaning closing time is not until 10 p.m. The district is doing so well against the virus that even more restrictions have been lifted since Monday. For example, ten people from up to three households are now authorized to meet in the district, and the testing requirement is waived for retail stores. Libraries as well as galleries and museums are authorized to receive visitors without any restrictions. So anyone enjoying art can go to the “Städtische Galerie” (city gallery) in Böblingen. It opens on Wednesday at 3 p.m.  In Hildrizhausen, the outdoor swimming pool season begins today with subject to the “3 G” conditions: GEIMPFT, GETESTET or GENESEN) (vaccinated, tested or recovered).

Options for bad weather program: the Böblinger “Roccadion” can be climbed indoors again. (with a negative rapid test). 

Esslingen district: The first canoe tours through the Neckar canals will start on the weekend. Also in Esslingen: on Saturday at 2 p.m. and on Sunday at 11 a.m., there is the classic city tour: the Old Town Tour through the alleys past churches and numerous half-timbered buildings. The Esslingen night watchman will also be making his rounds for the first time on Saturday at 9 pm.  

Ludwigsburg District – the Residential Palace in Ludwigsburg can also be visited inside again as of Thursday. There are no guided tours yet, and the museums are closed. Instead, guests can explore the castle for themselves on a free tour. Prerequisite is either: tested, recovered or vaccinated and a booked time slot. Tickets for this must be reserved by calling 0 71 41/18 64 00. Things are also happening at another of Ludwigsburg’s historic estates at the “Monrepos lake”. The rowing and pedal boats have now been launched again. With a negative quick test, they can be rented daily from 10 am to 7 pm.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 1)

Corona Ordinances update by the end of this week
According to a report from “SWR Radio”, Baden-Württemberg will release an update to its main coronavirus ordinances by the end of the week. The changes implementing additional easing measures would then go into effect on Monday, June 7. The update is possible because about a quarter of B-W’s 44 counties have a 7-D-I rate below 35 and only one B-W county (Zollernalbkreis, south of Stuttgart) has not yet been under 100 for five consecutive days. (SWR Radio, June 2)

Corona rules for stores and restaurants – Shopping in Stuttgart with obstacles
Stuttgart – Anyone who has been infected with Covid 19 should be treated equally with those who have a negative rapid test or have been vaccinated twice. However, that is more difficult to prove in reality.

A number of people who had been sick and have “recovered” from COVID, have repeatedly experienced being turned away in stores.  The problem: In Baden-Württemberg, one can only prove that they have recovered with a positive PCR test result – at the earliest 28 days and at the most six months after the test. However, this has repeatedly led to problems because, unlike rapid tests, the valid time period must first be recalculated in a cumbersome manner, and not everyone may be aware of the rule. 

In order to find out how well those who have recovered can take advantage of last week’s openings in the retail and restaurant sectors in Stuttgart, reporters from our newspaper accompanied a person, and set out on a tour of the city center on Monday. It was quickly made clear that the stores visited on a test basis accept PCR findings without hesitation – if they want to see it at all. In reality, the rules of access to stores, restaurants and cafés are anything but uniform, even if the staff actually treats the person as a “recoveree” the same as those who have been tested and vaccinated.  Recoverees can also get a table in the restaurant with proof of recovery without any fuss. On many inner-city pubs are emblazoned notices about the mandatory contact data collection, which many recommend digitally with the “Luca app” and have equipped their tables accordingly with QR codes. Therefore, one of the “3 Gs” need to apply for guests: (GEIMPFT, GETESTET or GENESEN) (vaccinated, tested or recovered) (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 2)

Non-Corona related news: 

Report on quality of water at local lakes  – Overall lakes in the southwest are in good condition
In view of rising temperatures and sunshine in Baden-Württemberg, those who like to go swimming in local lakes, generally do not need to worry about water quality; not a single one of the examined waters in the southwest has poor quality.

For some swimming areas, however, data is missing, or not enough samples were taken, and it should be noted: The data originated from the past year. Therefore, if you want to find out exactly about the water quality, you may have to ask the local authorities for more up-to-date results.  Some have been rated “sufficient” when the quality was tested at six lakes. These are the quarry pond in Weingarten (Karlsruhe district), the Schutterwald  lake (Ortenau district), the Sunthauser lake in Bad Dürrheim (Schwarzwald-Baar district), the Lauchert in Burladingen (Zollernalb district), the Rösslerweiher in Schlier (Ravensburg district) and the Goldscheuer lake in Kehl (Ortenau district). (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 1)

Two motorcyclists die within one day on the same route at ” Albaufstieg” (ascending Alb area) at Reutlingen district
Within one day, two motorcyclists died on the Albaufstieg between Pfullingen and Sonnenbühl (Reutlingen district). According to police, a 56-year-old man crashed his motorcycle into an oncoming semi trailer truck at noon on Tuesday. Its 51-year-old driver had turned across the oncoming lane into a parking lot. The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries and immediately died at the site of the accident.  On Tuesday morning, a 38-year-old man had already overturned his motorcycle on the same stretch of road in the opposite direction as a result of an overtaking attempt. He died on site of the accident, as well.  (BB. Heute.de, June 2)