Local news translated – Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Daily Host Nation Update, June 16, 2021

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart – The Corona infection incidence in the southwest continues to decrease slightly. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in a week was 18.8 on Tuesday (as of 4 p.m.), down from 22.2 the previous day, according to the State Health Office in Stuttgart.

Corona rules in Baden-Württemberg – Incidence must be below a specified level for five business days. Loosening of restrictions can go into effect the day after notice is given.

-If the incidence rate is under 100:  catering / recreational facilities can be open with a testing/vaccination/recovery requirement; events inside up to 250 participants / outside up to 500 participants.

-If the incidence is under 50: non-essential retail without testing; museums, zoos, etc. open without requirements

-If the incidence is under 35 events outside up to 750 participants, no more testing obligation in gastronomy / at leisure places:

Stuttgart: number of incidence: 26, since at least 5 days below: 50

Boeblingen: number of incidence: 9, since at least 5 days below: 35

Esslingen: number of incidence: 19, since at least 5 days below: 35

Heidelberg: number of incidence:7, since at last 5 days below: 35

Calw: number of incidence: 18, since at least 5 days below: 35

Reutlingen: number of incidence: 19, since at least 5 days below: 35

Tuebingen: number of incidence: 12, since at least 5 days below: 35

(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 16)


Yesterday’s visits to beer garden in Stuttgart – people sitting together without masks – this is how fans cheered with the German soccer team

Stuttgart – German and French soccer fans watched their team’s game together yesterday at the Schlossgarten’s beer garden. There is no mask requirement at the tables because only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested are authorized access. However, wearing masks is still mandatory as soon as someone leaves their seat — for example, to get a drink. Security keeps an eye on compliance. This includes reminders to sit down or move up so that newcomers can settle down.

With approx. 650 soccer fans, the benches were pretty tightly packed. 700 guests is currently the maximum. “It’s great to finally be able to be around people again and have a good time with friends, it’s just nicer here than at home in front of the TV,” said one visitor.

Non-Corona related news:

Culture in Böblingen – “Summer at the Lake” becomes “Edition Parkdeck”  (the parking garage, Congress Hall)

Böblingen – The summer at the lake is still alive, even in the time of the pandemic. After the traditional event got cancelled last year, this year there will be a summer program for two months – in a slimmed-down version: Summer at the Lake moves from the old TÜV Hall in the Stadtgarten to the parking garage of the Congress Hall. This year, there’s the “Edition Parkdeck” with a similar program, a new atmosphere and space for just under 200 visitors, including distance and hygiene rules. The series begins on July 15 until September 4.

“This year, too, everything is different, many things are new and still difficult to plan,” writes the city in a press release, expressing confidence that the event series can be successfully staged.

The parking deck of the congress hall will be transformed into a summer lounge. Seating will be provided in the space where cars and stage vehicles are usually parked, with deck chairs and lounge sofas made of pallets. The venue offers space for 194 guests under distance and hygiene rules. Special attention is paid to the safety of the guests: Visitors are each given a circle with a diameter of 1.75 meters for two people. (BB.heute, de. June 16)

Visitors may look forward to “Outdoor Summer in Waldenbuch”

During the months of July and August, the city of Waldenbuch offers the following: Pop-up ‘beach bar” with coaster seats, open air movie, and culinary delights.

Starting June 24 on the Waldenbuch Marktplatz, the beach bar opens (if the weather is good)  from 5 – 10 pm.

Pre-registration is through the event’s homepage or via e-mail.  The current corona rules apply: max. 10 persons from 3 households, children under 14 and fully vaccinated or recovered persons do not count.

Masks are mandatory up to the seating area. (BB.heute.de, June 16)

Hantavirus cases have increased in Stuttgart

Stuttgart – Since the beginning of the year, 894 cases of hantavirus have been reported to the State Health Office (LGA) in the southwest. This compares to a total 833 cases in the last hantavirus epidemic year (2019), announced the Regional Council of Stuttgart. “Hantavirus infections occur regularly in Baden-Württemberg. The Hanta virus can be transmitted to humans by the red-backed mouse. The mouse eats mainly beechnuts.  Regions with a high proportion of beech forest are therefore particularly affected. The highest number of cases in the state so far this year has been in the Reutlingen district (152), the Heidenheim district (88) and Stuttgart (83).  Humans could become infected when they inhale saliva, feces or urine from infected rodents – for example, during forest and garden work. “A hantavirus infection should be taken seriously because it carries the risk of severe illness, even though the majority of infections usually go unnoticed or are very mild. If the disease makes itself felt, the symptoms are similar to flu,” shared Gottfried Roller, head of the State Health Office. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 16)

The European Football Championship will take place from June 11 to July 11, 2021.  Today the following teams will play:

Finland against Russia at 3 p.m.

Turkey against Wales at 6 p.m.

Italy against Switzerland at 9 p.m.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 16)