Local news translated – Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Daily Host Nation Update, June 15, 2021

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – Fewer than 100 new corona infections

STUTTGART – For the first time in weeks, the number of new daily reported coronavirus infections in Baden-Württemberg has fallen below the 100 mark. The State Health Office in Stuttgart reported only 98 new confirmed cases on Monday (as of 4 p.m.). For comparison: a week ago, there were 225. However, the numbers at the beginning of the week are always somewhat lower, because on the weekend there are less tests and not all authorities transmit data. The number of confirmed corona infections in the southwest since the start of the pandemic rose to 498,569, according to the data. 

Meanwhile, 10,096 people have died from infection with the coronavirus or in connection with it. That was 20 more than the previous day. An estimated 480,996 infected people are considered recovered (up 416). The seven-day incidence decreased to 22.2 from 23.9 on the previous day.  5,268,129 people in Baden-Württemberg have now been vaccinated once against the coronavirus, according to the Robert Koch Institute. That’s 47.5 percent of the population, according to the data. The national average is just under one percentage point higher. A total of 2,866,480 people or 25.8 percent in the southwest are considered fully vaccinated (nationwide: 26.2). With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, one dose is sufficient. For all other vaccines, two doses are needed. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 14)


COVID mutant from India – researchers say that symptoms are different in “Delta variant”

LONDON – The delta variant of corona, first discovered in India, can apparently cause slightly different symptoms in patients than earlier corona types. A British app for monitoring corona symptoms most recently reported headaches, a runny nose and a sore throat, the BBC reported Monday. In the U.K., the delta variant, considered highly contagious, already accounts for more than 90 percent of all cases. 

Tim Spector of King’s College London, who is leading the Zoe Covid Symptoms study and evaluating reported symptoms, told the broadcaster, “Since the beginning of May, we’ve looked at the most common symptoms of app users – and they’re not the same as before.” While fever is still among them, he said, loss of sense of smell and taste, previously considered a typical corona symptom, is less common. Temporally, he said, this coincides with the spread of the delta variant.  For some younger people, Covid-19 can thus feel more like a simple cold, Spector said – and urged affected people to get tested in any case. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 14)


Baden-Wuerttemberg wants to simplify mask obligation

STUTTGART- Baden-Württemberg wants to simplify the mask obligation soon in view of the falling corona infection figures. However, the obligation to wear masks will not be suspended immediately. 

With the next revision of the Corona regulation there will be a new system, which will differentiate the mask obligation between indoors and outdoors. Also, mask obligation in public transportation and in schools will be discussed.   

CDU state parliamentary group leader Manuel Hagel warned on Monday against loosening the rules too quickly. “We must not under any circumstances give the impression that the pandemic is over,” Hagel said. He advocated a step-by-step approach. For low incidences, he said, easing could be done “first outside and then, with much more caution, inside. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 14)


Members of the State Government discuss current Corona situation in Baden-Württemberg

STUTTGART – The incidences are falling, vaccinations are being carried out eagerly in the state, and the calls for further easing of corona restrictions are getting louder. 

On Tuesday, Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, Minister of Health Manfred Lucha (both Greens) spoke at length about the current Corona situation in B-W.

What they announced was groundbreaking: because schoolchildren in particular have suffered under the corona restrictions the most, they now will be allowed to breathe freely again, without masks. If the seven-day incidence in a region is below 35 and there has been no corona outbreak at the school for two weeks, the mask requirement will be dropped “in all classes and all types of schools,” announced Health Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) in Stuttgart on Tuesday.  Lucha proposed the dropping of the mask obligation in other areas, as well. For example outside in public spaces, and  in open, well-ventilated train stations and bus stops. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 15)

Non-Corona related news:

European Soccer Championship 2021

Tuesday, June 15:

Hungary – Portugal at at 6 p.m.

France – Germany at 9 p.m.


Wednesday, June 16

Finland – Russia at 3 p.m.

Turkey – Wales at 6 p.m.

Italy – Switzerland at 9 p.m.