Local news translated – Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Daily Host Nation Update, June 9, 2021

Digital vaccination passport to be in use from Thursday 

The digital vaccination certificate is to go into use in Germany on Thursday according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. The digital vaccination passport is intended to make it easier for users to prove that they have already been sufficiently vaccinated against Corona. This is considered important for the travel industry. (Ntv, June 9)

Seven-day incidence drops to 20.8 

The nationwide seven-day incidence of Corona infections has continued to decline slightly and now stands at 20.8 cases per 100,000 population. As reported by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), citing data from health authorities, 3254 new infections and 107 deaths related to the virus were registered within one day. Last Wednesday, more than 4900 new infections had been counted. The seven-day incidence was 36.8 a week ago, and the figure is a key measure of whether Corona requirements are being tightened or relaxed. It indicates the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week. (Robert Koch Institute, June 9)

First vaccination rate rises to 46.5 percent 

The number of vaccine doses administered is back to the peak levels from the previous week or the previous record numbers from mid-May. On Tuesday, a total of 988,333 vaccination doses were administered, according to data from the Official Vaccination Rate Monitoring. This brings the vaccination rate of those vaccinated at least once to 46.5 percent. 22.8 percent of Germany’s population is now fully vaccinated. The total number vaccinated at least once includes all persons who received initial vaccinations with Biontech, Moderna or Astrazeneca vaccines or vaccination with Janssen vaccine. Fully vaccinated includes all individuals who have received second vaccinations with Biontech, Moderna, or Astrazeneca vaccines or vaccination with Janssen. Vaccinations with Janssen are therefore included in both the “vaccinated at least once” and “fully vaccinated” groups. However, they are only counted once for the total number of vaccinations administered. (Ntv, June 9)


Local Non Corona News

Mineral spa opens on Saturday

After more than 7 months of closure, the Mineraltherme Böblingen reopens its doors on Saturday, June 12, 2021. Due to the encouraging development with persistently low incidence values, opening level 3 was put into effect for the district of Böblingen on June 7. Important note for visitors: Access to the Mineraltherme is currently only permitted to guests who are either vaccinated, recovered or tested and can identify themselves with an official photo document.  For a visit to the mineral spa it is mandatory to make a reservation in advance at www.mineraltherme-boeblingen.de/reservierung.  (BBheute, June 9)

Police rescues dog from a hot car

Tamm – Police rescued an elderly German shepherd from a car in Tamm (Ludwigsburg district) on Tuesday morning. The community enforcement service had discovered the heavily panting animal in the car, whose windows were locked and already slightly steamed up, and informed the police and their dog squad. Because the officers could neither find the owner nor open the car, they finally broke a window with an emergency hammer. The temperature inside the vehicle at the time was 49 degrees, police report. The police officers got the dog out of the car, took it into the shade and provided it with water. The 44-year-old owner had apparently simply forgotten to open the window, police said. He was reasonable, but will still have to face charges for violating the Animal Welfare Act. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, June 9)

Major police operation in Esslingen

Early Monday morning, numerous blue-and-white police cars, squad cars, civilian vehicles and a black truck drove up in the Esslingen district with its approximately 1,200 inhabitants. Men in helmets, uniforms and black clothes get out of the parked vehicles and line up in front of a building. Then they start searching the house, disappear for some time in the garage, rummage in a container, search the garbage.

The State Criminal Police Office of Baden-Württemberg, together with the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office, does not announce what big fish the officers have caught until a day later. The task forces were able to seize 1570 marijuana plants in Esslingen and arrest a 27-year-old man who was presumably in charge of the plantation, which covered an area of around 360 square meters. In the property, which extends over three floors, the forces also found 31 kilograms of gross saleable narcotics. Simultaneously to this action, forces searched the apartment of a 46-year-old suspected accomplice in Göppingen and seized cell phones, written documents, 1470 euros cash and a very small amount of marijuana. Furthermore, the forces seized a high-value vehicle and a van in the accused’s parking lot. In preparation for a possible confiscation, the vehicles were seized. Both men sit in the meantime in remand. 

In Baden-Württemberg, there are special investigation units in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart to combat organized and cross-border narcotics crime. The units consist of equal numbers of customs officers from the Stuttgart Customs Investigation Office and officers from the State Criminal Police Office. (Canstatter zeitung, June 8)