Local news translated – Friday, Jul 9 , 2021

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Host Nation Update, July 9, 2021

Federal government classifies whole Spain as risk area
Robert Koch Institute announced that due to sharply rising Corona infection figures, the federal government classifies all of Spain and thus also Mallorca and the Canary Islands as a risk area on Sunday. (Robert Koch Institute, July 9)

Federal government prepares vaccination refreshers
According to the German government, the federal and state governments are preparing for so-called booster vaccinations against Corona. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Health Minister Jens Spahn had already discussed the issue, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Friday. “Citizens can be sure that the federal and state governments are preparing for what needs to be prepared, which is that after a first wave of immunization, vaccine and booster vaccines will be available and also made available,” he added. Asked whether the Federal Ministry of Health would recommend a third vaccination after six months, a ministry spokesman said there was not yet enough data to do so. However, a booster vaccination would in all likelihood be necessary. Vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and Biontech had said they expected the protective effect of the common coronavirus vaccine to decline after six months. (Ntv, July 9)

41.5 percent of Germans have full vaccination coverage
With 800,000 first and second vaccinations yesterday, 57.9 percent of the population in Germany has now received the first vaccination. 41.5 percent have now received both vaccinations. The leader in first-time vaccinations is Bremen with 67 percent, while Saarland leads the way with 46.2 percent of second-time vaccinations.(Focus, July 9)

Germans spend significantly more money on barbecues during the pandemic
Sales of barbecue grills have flushed significantly more money into the coffers of companies during the Corona pandemic than before. Because people have been home a lot, they have invested heavily in their homes, including their gardens, says an association spokesman. He sees a trend towards “cocooning”, i.e. building a “feel-good shelter”, from which the barbecue industry has also benefited.

With a view to 2020, the market research company GfK speaks of the “strongest year ever for barbecues in terms of sales,” which is also due to a shift in the market away from rather inexpensive charcoal barbecues to higher-priced gas appliances. In contrast, sales – i.e. unit sales – were only stable last year, according to GfK estimates. Marcel Gueissaz, managing director of manufacturer Outdoorchef, explained that people are willing to dig deeper into their pockets than before – instead of low-priced charcoal grills, more and more people are buying gas grills in the price range 300 to 1000 euros.(Ntv, July 9)

Non Corona local news

Production at Mercedes plant at a standstill
The worldwide supply bottlenecks for semiconductors for the automotive industry are again having an impact on production at Mercedes-Benz. Since today, Friday, production has been at a standstill in most areas at the Sindelfingen plant. Factory 56, where the new S-Class and EQS are built, is also affected. Employees will also stay at home in the coming week, with the exception of some areas such as maintenance. “The Sindelfingen plant is adjusting its schedule in calendar week 28 due to the ongoing supply bottlenecks,” Mercedes-Benz told the newspaper.(BBheute, July 9)

Scammers want to sell smartphones
Two unknown persons sold a premium smartphone to a 37-year-old man in a pub on Maichinger Straße in Magstadt at around 4:50 p.m. on Wednesday. Shortly after the purchase, the two perpetrators left the pub and the 37-year-old then noticed that the IMEI number of the device did not match the packaging and the invoice. In the course of the investigation, it became known that two other persons also wanted to sell a smartphone in another pub. Presumably, the four persons were in contact with each other. The suspects in the restaurant in Maichinger Straße were described as follows:

Crime suspect 1: about 1.70 meters tall, about 25 years old, slim, black medium-length hair, no glasses, full beard, wore short dark pants, black T-shirt, sneakers, southern appearance and spoke broken German. Suspect 2: about 1.80 meters tall, about 28 years old, thick build, black short hair, no glasses, full beard, wore a blue tracksuit, sneakers, southern appearance and spoke broken German.The persons in question are also said to have been traveling with a blue car , presumably an Audi, with Birkenfeld license plates (BIR).

The police station Maichingen has taken up the investigation and asks witnesses who can provide information for the clarification of the crime to report under telephone 07031 / 204050. It is also of interest whether the aforementioned persons have appeared in other restaurants.(BBheute, July 8)

The “dream final” of the European Championship: Three Lions against Azzurri
London – The English enjoyed a relaxed game of basketball, the Italians enjoyed the benefits of their home training ground in Florence. And in London, tens of thousands of fans are already anticipating the nail-biting final at the soccer temple of Wembley.

England against Italy. This European Championship is getting a worthy final. “It will be the best spectacle for European soccer from both sides,” said Leonardo Bonucci two days before the match. His Squadra Azzurra had so far impressed with irrepressible power soccer and the greatest possible will. Supported by their fans at Wembley, the Three Lions improved from game to game – and even ended a national trauma with their victory over Germany in the round of 16. 

“They are the two best teams of the tournament,” former international Michael Ballack told the “Sportbuzzer.” The now 44-year-old knows the feeling of losing big games against Italy. Fifteen years ago, the former captain of the DFB team cried bitter tears when the Italians ended the German summer fairy tale in the 2006 World Cup semifinals. A few days later, the Azzurri celebrated their last major title in Berlin.

“I thank the guys who believed from the first moment,” said national coach Roberto Mancini, announcing, “There is still something to do.” The 56-year-old, who takes off with his players for London on Saturday morning (11:00), will also rely on his well-rehearsed and conspiratorial team in the final. Defensively, the oldie duo of Chiellini (36) and Leonardo Bonucci (34) are playing an outstanding tournament. Offensively, former Dortmund player Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne, Federico Chiesa and Co. exceeded all expectations. Ballack expects a “dream final.

And England? “They deserve the final, it’s the biggest test we can have,” said national coach Gareth Southgate, who has become a hero in his homeland in a very short time. In London, the officially rewritten song by the band “Atomic Kitten” has long been a hit. Baby, you’re the one” became simply “Southgate, you’re the one. That sounds impressive when it is sung by tens of thousands of people. “It’s wonderful to have this opportunity,” Southgate said, looking ahead to the home final.

Midfielder Marco Verratti warned of England’s “very physical team” “with technically very good players.” The 28-year-old, in the meantime ennobled as a “genius” by the “Gazzetta dello Sport”, gave hope for an inspiring soccer festival. “Everyone will make a great game, whether from the start or just a minute,” he said. “These are moments that cannot be repeated again. In this game, everyone will be at 100 percent. This is a game you have to win, that’s what we want, that’s what they want.” The match will be “historic for one of the two teams,” he added.(Canstatter Zeitung, July 9)