Local news translated – Monday, Jan 26, 2021

Daily Host Nation Update, January 26, 2021

Germany is currently under strict lockdown restrictions, which include curfews.
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Possible relaxations depend on certain factors
According to the German Health Minister Jens Spahn, the question of easing restrictions depends on many factors. There are several aspects that must be taken into account when deciding “whether and how to proceed with the measures,” Spahn said on ZDF television when asked whether a relaxation can be expected as of February 14. Thus, the number of patients would have to decrease further. In addition, the number of cases would have to be brought to a level where the health authorities could easily follow up on contacts. It must also be possible to quarantine all persons who need to be quarantined and to monitor this, “so that no new outbreaks occur. (ZDF, January 26)

German Association of Cities and Municipalities calls for clear perspective on the easing of restrictions
The German Association of Towns and Municipalities is calling for a clear perspective on easing any Corona restrictions. A “graduated exit strategy from the lockdown” is necessary, said Chief Executive Gerd Landsberg to the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. The infection figures are still too high, but they are declining. Therefore, the politicians are called upon to make clear from which values, which relaxations should apply. This will vary from region to region. However, the focus must be on the prospects for daycare centers and elementary schools everywhere. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had also recently stated that schools and daycare centers would be first to be reopened after the lockdown. At the same time, however, despite the falling Corona numbers, she strongly advocated the longer lockdown, which has so far been limited until mid-February. She said it was important not to wait until new, particularly contagious variants of the corona virus spread. “Then it would be too late to prevent a third wave of the pandemic and, if necessary, an even more severe one than ever before,” she warned. (Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung)

Seehofer reviews massive restriction of aviation
Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has presented plans to Chancellor Angela Merkel on possible ways that travel to Germany could be restricted, to prevent further introduction of Corona virus mutations, according to the German newspaper Bild. In an internal conference with state CDU faction leaders, Merkel had said, “I kept asking: why can’t we ban travel?” According to Bild, Seehofer said, “The threat posed by the virus mutations requires us to also examine drastic measures and discuss them in the federal government.” These include significantly stricter border controls, especially at the borders to high-risk areas, but also the reduction of air traffic to Germany to almost zero, as Israel is currently doing to prevent the introduction of the virus mutation.”(Focus, January 26)

RKI reports 6412 new infections and 903 deaths
This morning, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 6412 new Corona infections within one day. In addition, 903 new deaths were recorded within 24 hours, the RKI announced. Last Tuesday, the RKI had recorded 11,369 new infections and 989 new deaths within 24 hours. However, both figures included subsequent reports from Rhineland-Palatinate.(Robert Koch Institute, January 26)

Police dissolve birthday party
Ludwigsburg – In Ludwigsburg, the police broke up a birthday party on Monday evening. A woman had reported the lively activity in an apartment in an apartment building in the Eglosheim district around 6:40 pm. When police arrived, seven adults, two teenagers and twelve children under 14 were celebrating in the apartment. Currently, a maximum of one other person is allowed to visit a household – people from five households had gathered in the apartment. Officers immediately broke up the party. The revelers now face charges for violating the Corona ordinance. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, January 26)

Corona Virus in Europe

Von der Leyen: Corona vaccine manufacturers “must deliver”
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called on Corona vaccine manufacturers to meet their delivery commitments. Europe has “invested billions to support the development of the world’s first Covid 19 vaccines,” she said in her videotaped speech for the World Economic Forum in Davos. “And now the companies have to deliver, they have to honor their commitments.”(Handlesblatt, January 26)

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