Local news translated – Jan. 21

Host Nation Update, January 21

Editor’s Note: Off-Post COVID rules are regularly updated and consolidated on the Stuttgart Citizen’s Local Coronavirus Rules Explained page.

Corona rules in Baden-Württemberg – State wants to reinstate regular tier system with some adjustments
Stuttgart – People in Baden-Württemberg may prepare for new Corona rules as early as next week. Presumably, only the second-highest level, the normal alert level, which would be associated with some relaxations, will then apply. 

The state plans to reinstate the regular level system of Corona restrictions, which was suspended on Jan. 12, in the middle of next week. The government is also reacting to a ruling by the Administrative Court, which had declared the freezing of alert level II with harsh restrictions for the unvaccinated partially illegal. If the burden on hospitals remains at the current, somewhat lower level, the normal alert level will apply again. 

The freezing of alert level II, which was originally planned until the end of January, contradicts the federal Infection Protection Act, according to the VGH. The green-black state government had maintained this level in the Corona ordinance out of concern for the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, thereby suspending the limits for hospital exposure until the end of January. 

An unvaccinated student had filed a complaint against the fact that the alert level II would lead to the extensive exclusion of non-immunized persons from attendance events. The VGH suspended that part of the Corona ordinance on student attendance from this Monday. It said the regulation was “presumably unlawful.” If the government had continued to adhere to its original limits, it should have relaxed them long ago. 

The spokeswoman for the Ministry of State explained: “we will update the main Corona ordinance in the coming week as planned anyway and end the “freeze” of alert level II, which was explicitly designed as a transitional solution until February 1 at the most.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Jan 21)

Studying in Baden-Württemberg – Court declares Corona ordinance illegal in parts
Mannheim – In Baden-Württemberg, the 2G regulation at universities will be suspended as of next week. The fact that unvaccinated students would be largely excluded from attendance events by the “freezing of alert level II” in the Corona Ordinance is likely to be unlawful, the Administrative Court (VGH) in Mannheim declared on Friday.    

Omicron continues to spread – Incidence among adolescents in Stuttgart at almost 1300 cases
Stuttgart – For a week now, the seven-day incidence has been rising, sharply. In the evaluation, the city found the highest incidence value in the group of ten to 19-year-olds, with 1282.7 cases per 100,000 people.

A week before, the value in this group was still at 565.5 cases. The trend is similar among six- to nine-year-olds, where the incidence has increased to 1091.4 cases (previously 408.7). Also still well above the citywide mean is the group of 20- to 39-year-olds, where the figure reaches 875.8 cases (previously 697.9 cases).

Among three- to five-year-olds, the calculated incidence now reaches 555.2 cases, which also corresponds to a doubling.  The fact that the infection incidence is particularly spread among children can be seen in the infection figures among daycare center children and schoolchildren, who are subjected to regular COVID tests. On Thursday, according to the city administration, a total of 43 day care center groups were in quarantine in Stuttgart because of infection cases. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Jan 21)

Non-COVID related news: 

This sign indicates an area where it is unlawful to over take cyclists.

New signs have been up for a week – are they being followed
On many roads in Stuttgart Vaihingen (Kaltental) and within the Böblingen district, new signs have been posted since last Friday pointing out a circumstance that has actually been in effect here for a long time.

Since motorists cannot keep the minimum distance, cyclists (or slow mopeds) are not authorized to be overtaken, even if they are only puffing uphill towards Vaihingen at ten to fifteen kilometers per hour.  

If vehicles overtake cyclists, a traffic offense could cost up to 70 euros.  The drivers were often unaware that overtaking is prohibited at this location, particularly due to the structural conditions.” The new signs (pictured) are intended to eliminate this lack of clarity.   (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Jan 21)

Diagnosed with leukemia – Riccardo del Bono from Böblingen district needs stem cell donation

To encourage people to register with the German bone marrow donor registry, Riccardo’s family is seeking help publicly and to raise awareness among as many as possible. It’s a chance to make a difference and make everyone aware that there’s no need to be afraid of donating stem cells. Because in Riccardo Del Bono’s case – as with 90 percent of patients – all it takes is a blood draw from the donor. “This saves lives and gives confidence to those affected.”

It is important to be in good physical condition, donors should be between 17 and 55 years old and not have a chronic illness.

Request online
The how to register with the German Bone Marrow Donor Center is simple. In times of Corona you can request the registration kit online.

Take a swab test yourself
With the help of three medical cotton swabs, one makes a swab on the inside of the cheek  at home, in addition, one sends the DKMS the written consent form with information about the person.

The DKMS has set up a website at www.dkms.de/ricky especially for Riccardo del Bono from the Böblingen district, who is suffering from leukemia. There, potential stem cell donors can not only find the necessary information, but can also request the registration kit right away.    (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Jan 21)

Böblingen: Schwabstrasse closed as of Monday
Böblingen. The public utility company are laying new drinking water, gas and electricity lines. For this, Schwabstraße between Am Käppele and Achalmstraße must be fully closed in several construction phases until probably the end of April 2022. The second construction phase will be set up next Monday, January 24, and is expected to last until Monday, March 7, 2022. The closure is located at the height of the buildings Schwabstraße 18 to 28. The detour goes via Waldburgstraße – Arnimstraße – Schwabstraße – Achalmstraße – Herrschaftsgartenstraße – Lange Straße – Am Käppele – Waldburgstraße. (BB.heute.de, Jan 21)