Local news translated, June 3


Daily Host Nation Stories for June 3, 2020

COVID-19: Baden-Württemberg ‘s number of infected people is 34,834, of which 32, 096 people recovered. There are currently an estimated 996 people now in the state. Today, June 3, 47 more cases were reported. There have been 1,772 deaths in Baden-Württemberg

Virologist Drosten worries about corona cases in children

In his NDR podcast, virologist Christian Drosten has again commented on the corona cases in children: “But what we see in the more recent statistics is an increase in the age cohorts 20 to 29 and 10 to 19 – and, if you look closely, also in the 0 to 9-year-olds.” So he’s particularly concerned about young children, because they would have difficulty following the distance rules. On the reopening of the schools he goes on to say: “We are now opening with a low basic incidence, but with a postponed situation for the children.” Drosten had published a study in advance at the end of April, according to which children could be just as infectious as adults. His study also contributed to the debate about the reopening of schools and daycare centers.  (NDR, June 3)

Public swimming to open in Baden-Württemberg

Swimming pools, bathing lakes, etc. may reopen in Baden-Württemberg from June. When exactly and under which conditions this is possible because of corona, you can find out here. Another piece of good news in the corona crisis: The first swimming pools in Baden-Württemberg should be able to reopen. And this already from June 6. This is the result of the latest relaxation of the state’s corona restrictions. But because of the corona virus, strict hygiene regulations and a detailed operating concept must be implemented. This was announced by the steering group of the state government in Stuttgart at the end of May.

“Among other things, the regulations must regulate the maximum number of bathers in the entire bathroom as well as in individual pools and the observance of hygiene and distance regulations.” This also applies to bathing lakes with access controls, medicinal, hotel and thermal baths and saunas. In the summer of 2020, regular bathing won’t be possible due to corona. Now the corresponding regulation for spas in Baden-Württemberg has to be drafted, which is to determine the details. Tourism Minister Guido Wolf pleaded for the opening of swimming pools in hotels as well as medicinal and thermal baths directly on June 6. “For the tourism state of Baden-Württemberg, the swimming areas in hotels as well as medicinal and thermal baths are of great importance.” (SWP, June 3)

Italy opens borders to EU citizens

After about three months of strict corona restrictions, Italy’s borders are once again open for holidaymakers. Since Wednesday, freedom of travel has been granted to people from the other 26 EU countries as well as other states such as Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. A virus quarantine of two weeks is thus no longer necessary. In addition, Italians themselves are again allowed to travel between the 20 regions without restriction. For a long time, leaving their own region had been severely restricted. Up to now, for example, people from Rome have only travelled to Tuscany as an exception. They then had to have a written self-declaration of their important reasons at hand. Also, foreigners were only allowed to enter during the Corona barriers with good reason, for example because of a job. (NTV, June 3)

 Kretschmann addresses corona conspiracy theories

Baden-Württemberg’s Minister President Winfried Kretschmann spoke out against corona conspiracy myths in a video message. At demonstrations it is said, for example, that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is behind the pandemic in order to establish secret world domination. “I can only tell you that I should actually know, but Bill Gates has not called me yet,” Kretschmann said in the video on Tuesday. In this respect, Kretschmann stressed that he could rule out any influence on his corona policy. “I consider such a conspiracy myth simply absurd, but I observe with concern that such myths are spreading.” Corona is a natural disaster, not a human conspiracy. “There is no villain here who would try to trick us all. But there is a new health problem, a terrible pandemic affecting the whole of society.” (Stuttgarter Zeitung, June 2)

Corona antibody tests now possible in Stuttgart

The Tübingen-based company CeGaT is currently making headlines nationwide with a CE-certified corona antibody test. Not only because 6,776 people were tested within two weeks, but also because the results are a surprise. Antibodies could be detected in 8.8 percent of those tested. This high value had not been expected. Now the company is coming to Stuttgart. This Tuesday, in cooperation with Urban Offices, it will open the Corona Antibody Test Center at Büchsenstraße 20. However, the test in the state capital costs 45 euros – 20 Euro more than in Tübingen. The idea to have this test station also in Stuttgart was Managing Director of Urban Offices Oliver Klatt’s idea. Klatt is expecting even more meaningful figures than in Tübingen. “We assume about 500 tests per day. Extrapolated over weeks or months, the figures will be very reliable. This might substantiate the theory that far more people than assumed are immune to the corona virus.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 2)

Possible closure of entrance to Dreieck Leonberg, June 7

The initiative “Querdenken711” has registered a meeting for this Sunday at the Autobahn entrance to Leonberg. The concept envisages that motorists can remain seated in a closed vehicle the whole time – like at the drive-in cinema – if they wish. Whether the meeting will take place has not yet been decided. The City of Leonberg is currently still considering a permit. The assembly is against the corona restrictions of the State Government and, according to the organizers, is committed to the protection of basic rights. This time, however, it is not to be a vigil, but a “celebration for freedom and peace. It makes no sense to hold 99 vigils. We want a positive spirit,” said Michael Ballweg, founder of the initiative. With the Autobahn junction as meeting place, Ballweg wants to react to the criticism that participants would endanger the health of their fellow men. According to Ballweg, the organizers have registered 50,000 participants. Several speeches are planned, in which especially the economic consequences of the lockdown are to be discussed. The event will have musical entertainment, as well as several speakers and artists. It should be possible to travel to the meeting by car, bicycle or shuttle service.

Tomorrow, a meeting between the city of Leonberg and the initiative is to take place, at which the approval as well as a possible partial closure of the autobahn entry will be discussed. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, June 2)

Interior Minister says “corona rebels” gain ground

Self-proclaimed “corona rebels” are increasingly spreading, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone, there are 29 such sub-groups at Telegram, where supporters are networking. The founder of the group is said to be a citizen of the Reich. The “corona rebels” are calling for nationwide demonstrations against the corona restrictions. It isn’t known how high the proportion of “Reich citizens” and “self-administered” members of this protest milieu is, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior’s answer to an inquiry by the left-wing faction. However, these groups used the protests against corona measures to spread conspiracy theories. (NTV, June 3)

Man assaulted at Rotebühlplatz

On Friday afternoon, a 44-year-old man was on Rotebühlplatz in Stuttgart-Mitte was approached by three men approached him who demanded cash. When the man refused, the strangers beat and kicked him. When the victim was finally lying defenseless on the ground, the perpetrators grabbed his smartphone and wallet with several hundred euros, then fled. The three men are said to have all been about 5’8” and wearing blue jeans and blue disposable gloves. Witnesses can report to the police. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, June 2)