Local news translated – Wed, Sep 1, 2021

Local news translated – Wed, Sep 1, 2021

Corona virus in Baden-Württemberg – Here’s the number of corona intensive care patients
Stuttgart – The number of corona intensive care patients in the southwest fell slightly on Tuesday. According to the DIVI intensive care registry, 121 people with Covid 19 disease were treated in intensive care units in Baden-Württemberg, two fewer than the previous day, the state health office (LGA) announced in Stuttgart on Tuesday.  

In recent days, however, the number of Corona intensive care patients had increased: a week earlier, it was still at 92. According to the LGA, 5.2 percent of the operable intensive care beds in the southwest were occupied with Covid-19 cases as of Tuesday, compared with 4.5 percent on Monday. So-called hospitalization is now said to carry more weight than incidence levels in assessing the situation.  

Meanwhile, the seven-day incidence – the number of recorded infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week – rose slightly to 78.4 from 77.9 the previous day (as of 4 p.m.). Five counties have now exceeded the incidence mark of 100. The highest incidence continues to be in the city district of Heilbronn with 143.1, followed by the city district of Baden-Baden with 120.8 and Tuttlingen with 105.9. The lowest incidence of infection statewide is currently in the district of Emmendingen with an incidence of 43.1.  

The agency registered 1853 new infections and 2 new deaths related to coronavirus. This means that 528 275 people in Baden-Württemberg have now been proven to be infected with the virus, and 10 475 deaths are associated with it. An estimated 502 131 people are considered recovered, 563 more than the previous day. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 1)

Lockdown intended for unvaccinated in BW – Exception for people without vaccination recommendation
Stuttgart – In Baden-Württemberg, more Corona patients are ending up in intensive care units again. Forecast with regard to the end of the BW summer vacations and the travelers returning from abroad: numbers are rising. The state government wants to quickly take countermeasures and, according to media reports, is preparing a corresponding Corona ordinance.  “If the number of 300 intensive care beds is exceeded, we could, according to our thoughts, introduce 2G for unvaccinated people for some time. That would mean that only vaccinated or recovered people would be allowed into restaurants or concerts,”

New contact restrictions for unvaccinated adults are also under consideration.  However, unvaccinated should nevertheless not be excluded from public life. Social Ministry press spokesman Markus Jox stressed, “The corresponding regulation is just in its developing stages. “However, there will be an exemption for all people without vaccination recommendation (e.g. small children) when 2G applies. It is precisely to protect them that we are discussing the restrictions and calling on everyone else to be vaccinated,” he said.  Thus, Baden-Württemberg would take a different path than Hamburg with its “optional 2G model.” In Hamburg, all unvaccinated people, including those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, are excluded from 2G events without exception. However, organizers and hosts can decide for themselves whether to allow only vaccinated and recovered people (2G) – who are then largely exempt from Corona requirements – or additionally allow unvaccinated but tested guests (3G).  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 1) 

Non-Corona related news: 

Incident in Sindelfingen – Police Officer dragged along in Sindelfingen
Around 11 p.m., Sindelfingen police received a tip from colleagues in Berlin that a stolen car was on the road in their area. A 23-year-old man is suspected of a crime. Shortly afterwards, a patrol discovered the Audi A5 with Berlin license plates, in which a man was apparently asleep. Whether it was the crime suspect, is so far unclear. When the officers opened the passenger door, the unknown man suddenly started the car, reversed and dragged a police officer along for 15 meters. The latter fired one shot before the man drove off.  Around 0:40 a.m., the car was found abandoned in a parking lot in front of the Sindelfingen hospital. The situation on the spot indicated that the unknown man was injured. A large-scale search has so far been unsuccessful.

The police do not exclude that the man continued his escape in the direction of Stuttgart. Anyone who saw an injured man during the period in question or can provide any other information should contact the Böblingen Criminal Investigation Department on 0800/1100225.  The injured policeman was taken to a hospital, which he was able to leave a short time later. According to the police, he and his colleague are unfit for duty for the time being.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 1)