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Host Nation Update, August 20, 2021

What to do if the student Vaccine ID is missing? 

Stuttgart – The new Corona ordinance has been in effect in Baden-Württemberg since Monday. For all young children and pupils who have not yet been vaccinated, this created an exception to the 3G rule. Even if they are not vaccinated or have recovered from a Corona infection, they do not have to show proof of testing if they want to attend public events. This is an advantage over most adults, who must be vaccinated, recovered or tested. Still, some of the new rules have drawn criticism from vacationers in the country.  Although the state government has created the possibility for children before school enrollment and for students of all school types to present a student ID or children’s passport instead of test results. This way they can go to the movies, the stadium, the swimming pool, theater, or amusement park or to visit grandma and grandpa in an nursing home without being tested.  However, in some case where student ID was not available, organizers may also grant admission to children and young people “on the basis of their appearance.” without testing – precisely because they look like children before and of school age.  The fact that the pupils are not tested twice a week during the summer vacations is accepted by the Ministry of Social Affairs. The risk of infection during the vacations is considered lower, as children and adolescents spend more time with their families and generally have fewer contacts than during school hours.” Nevertheless, the state government considers regular free tests during the vacations to be sensible, but they are not mandatory for children and students. Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 20



                       | 7-D-I |  Chng

  Baden-Württemberg      |  40.4 |   3.7

County                 | 7-D-I |  Chng

LK Böblingen           |  38.7 |   5.6
SK Stuttgart             |  52.2 |   3.0
LK Esslingen            |  47.8 |   3.3
LK Ludwigsburg      |  40.5 |   6.6
LK Tübingen            |  26.7 |   0.9
LK Calw                    |  30.8 |   3.2

PCR tests for partygoers to become cheaper in Stuttgart

Stuttgart – The relaunch of the club scene in Stuttgart will not happen as quickly as hoped. However, In the near future, there will be hot dance nights again in the state capital. The only question is: What do all those do who are not or not yet vaccinated, but also want to be there? According to the 3-G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested), they must present a test that is not older than 48 hours. And that is a PCR test. So far, these have been quite expensive and probably not an option for many. But that could change soon, with some providers working on more attractive and cheaper offers.  

So far, there are PCR test offers whose prices range from just under 50 euros to 156 euros and whose results are available after 24 to 36 hours.  TLMV Laboratories wanted to start a first attempt to make partygoers a better offer already this weekend. “We want to get the price down,” So visitors to the two clubs were to get a PCR test for 37.50 euros.  In the next weeks, prices should decrease again. “The goal is that we come to 30 euros or below and the result is available after three hours at the latest,” The aim, he says, is for young people to be tested by 7 p.m. on Fridays and then be able to travel safely in clubs and discos all weekend. As for the target price, the LMV managing director says: “15 euros per night would be justifiable.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 19)


S-Bahn partially stops operation due to damage to wheels

Stuttgart – The Stuttgart S-Bahn will partially suspend its operations this weekend due to serious damage to wheels. Trains will no longer run on the inner-city line between the Hauptbahnhof (main station) and Stuttgart-Vaihingen, as there is considerable wear on the wheels. Since July 31, this line was used as an alternative route to the south because the inner-city main line in the tunnel is being renovated and is completely closed.  Due to these circumstance, it  makes it more difficult to serve the route from Vaihingen to Herrenberg and the airport. Double-decker trains, which the Bahn AG has in its inventory, are to be used for this purpose.  The greatly increased wheel wear was discovered during regular inspections at the S-Bahn workshop in Plochingen. To be on the safe side, the part of the fleet used on the detour route is now being examined. The issue is safety-related. It is suspected that the vehicles on the curvy Gaeubahn route are exposed to higher loads, which have led to the heavy wear within just 14 days. It is possible that major maintenance is required.   As a result, the S 30 line, which had only been in service between Vaihingen and the airport/trade fair during the refurbishment of the main line until September 12, is now removed. According to a spokesman, the company is “working at full speed to be able to deploy the train capacities required for full operation”. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 20)


Stuttgart weather – Sunshine on Saturday is followed by cooling off    

Stuttgart – Barbecue lovers and sun worshippers will get their money’s worth on Saturday in Stuttgart. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), warm temperatures and sunshine are forecast in the state capital. It already starts on Friday.  From the afternoon on, the sun is out and more and the clouds disappear. In the evening, up to 23 degrees are still possible. Saturday will also start sunny. Until noon, it will remain cloudless – then a few ornamental spring clouds will move in. According to DWD spokesman Kai-Uwe Nerding, the thermometer will rise up to 28 degrees – no sign of rain or wind.  However, it looks different on Sunday. Then it is over with the beautiful weather. A cold front will cause a significant cooling and a cloudy sky. From noon on, heavy showers and thunderstorms are possible. As heavy rain with 30 liters per square meter is possible, the DWD issues a severe weather warning. In addition, strong to stormy gusts with speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour are expected. Temperatures will drop to 23 degrees.  The new week will also get off to an uncomfortable start. It will be friendlier again only from Tuesday.

Tonight is “Sindelfingen evening market”

Sindelfingen. On Friday, August 20, the “Evening Market” will be held for the first time on Sindelfingen’s market square. With food trucks, live music and more, there is the opportunity to stroll through the market from 4 to 9 p.m. and discover the regional products of the exhibitors.  Divers food trucks provide for the physical well-being on site. The evening market is scheduled to take place on three more Fridays in September: September 3, September 17 and September 24. (BB.heute.de, Aug 20)

City tours in August and September through the old town of Sindelfingen

Sindelfingen – The Office for Culture of the City of Sindelfingen is now offering guided city tours again. They always start at the i-Punkt, Marktplatz 1, where you can buy your tickets for 3 euros per person; children can take part free of charge. The general AHA rules apply and contact details must be provided. A negative test is not required.

Sunday, Aug. 22, 3 p.m. “Historic City Tour.” This city tour focuses on the historical core of Sindelfingen with the Romanesque St. Martin’s Church and the canons’ monastery. People have lived in the area of today’s city of Sindelfingen for thousands of years. It was a long way from the Roman settlement to the modern industrial city. The city was founded in 1263. At that time, the Romanesque St. Martin’s Church already existed as the center of a canons’ monastery that was known far beyond the region. During the historical city tour you will discover many old traces.  City tour in English, guided tour of the half-timbered town .  Thursday, September 9, 3 p.m. “Historical city tour in English”. This tour is completely in English. It is aimed at people who do not know or understand German. Or also for people who want to refresh their old English skills.

The Office of Culture also offers guided tours for groups at any time. Information at the i-Punkt, Marktplatz 1, by phone at (0 70 31) 9 43 25 or by e-mail at i-Punkt@sindelfingen.de.  (BB.heute.de, Aug 20)