Local news translated, August 19

Daily Host Nation Stories – August 19, 2020

Federal Health Minister Spahn for nationwide cancellation of Fasching parties

BERLIN. Bad times ahead for Fasching and Carnival fans and supporters: The chairman of the Bundestag’s Health Committee, Erwin Rüddel (CDU), has called on the federal states to “cancel carnival for 2020.” A little later, according to information from the “Rheinische Post” newspaper, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) agreed to this demand in a telephone conversation with the Bundestag committee.

Rüddel said that carnival with distance rules and alcohol was not realistic. “Carnival without vaccination is currently unimaginable for me in the popular form.” If the Corona situation may looks different in January or February and vaccinations are available to contain the pandemic, then “perhaps another short session could be held”.

Rüddel said that carnivals should not “go down in pandemic history as a hotspot for Corona. “Fasching parties the way we know it with drinking and kissing strangers is currently not possible.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, August 19)

Due to Corona – Filderstadt cancels New Year’s Reception for January 2021

There will be no New Year’s reception on January 17 in Filderstadt due to the Corona pandemic. Instead of shaking hands, there will be a video.  “As the signs are now, no New Year’s reception can take place,” says Lord Mayor Christoph Traub, referring to the Corona crisis. At the last event, around 800 people came to the Filharmonie, this time a maximum of 200 people were allowed. “Then you would have to turn away citizens, we didn’t want that,” says Traub. Therefore, the decision was made to record a video that will be available on the city’s homepage at www.filderstadt.de from January 17 onwards.  In the neighboring town of Leinfelden-Echterdingen it is still open whether the next New Year’s reception will be cancelled or not. According to town hall, the intention is to wait and see how the Corona pandemic develops. There is no tendency to cancel yet. If necessary, however, the turn of the year will also be celebrated digitally on the planned date, Sunday, January 10. (Filder Zeitung, August 18)

Stuttgart’s Lord Mayor Kuhn demands Corona tests for returnees from Croatia

STUTTGART: The Stuttgart health authority registers increasing numbers of infections among people returning from travel, especially from Croatia. Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn therefore called for reactions from Federal and State governments. “One could immediately declare Croatia a risk area, as Austria has already done. Another option is to declare individual regions as risk areas instead of entire countries. There are examples of this in the EU. It would also be conceivable for Croatia,” Kuhn suggests. Another option could be to make testing mandatory for travel returnees who have been to countries or regions with a high risk of infection, “even if they do not meet the criteria of the Robert Koch Institute as risk areas”, Kuhn’s PAO says. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, August 19)

Non-Corona related news:

A bit of Volksfest atmosphere in the inner city

The Mini-Wasen moves into 29 locations within the Stuttgart City. It’s a “drop in the ocean” and Christmas market may be possible under restrictions. The Cannstatt Volksfest, the Wine Village, the Palazzo dinner tent, the autumn hustle and bustle on the Wasen – all is cancelled, as well as the famous “World Christmas Circus.”

Although in Bavaria the Oktoberfest is cancelled, as well, however, in Munich, the “Ersatz-Wiesn” (substitute Wiesn”) which takes place at various locations, is much bigger than the alternative offered to fairground operators in Stuttgart. In Munich, at Olympiapark on the Isar, rides and showmen are allowed to perform for several weeks. However, the idea of holding an autumn fair at the Cannstatt Wasen has not been realized. The State authorities of B-W insist that only 500 guests come in at a time, even on such a large festival site as the one on the Neckar. “With this limitation, a replacement Wasen is not profitable for us”, explains Roschmann and is surprised: “Otherwise, they always say that Bavaria has the strictest corona regulations, but Baden-Württemberg is much stricter. He is happy that 29 showmen and women from Stuttgart were given permission to set up their colorful folk festival booths on Königstrasse and around it. The city does not charge any booth fees for this, which goes down well with the operators, who have been without earnings for months. “At last a good decision from the town hall,” says one. For the time being, the booths in the city are approved until October 2, and may be extended further. Only after the summer break, the decision will be made at the City Hall in September whether there would be a Christmas market in Stuttgart this year. Association President Roschmann has “heard the bell” that a Christmas market may be allowed under certain restrictions. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 19)

Construction will start at the Stuttgart Möhringen junction on Friday, Aug 21

Filderstadt. Reconstruction of the North-South road between the Stuttgart-Möhringen junction and the junction with Heilbrunnenstraße on Friday, August 21. The work is expected to continue until Monday, September 1. During this time, the Nord-Süd-Straße from the Ramp of the A 8 Autobahn toward direction of Stuttgart will be fully closed at the mentioned area. The left-turning lane coming from the Autobahn in direction toward Leinfelden is still available to traffic. In order to keep the impact on traffic to a minimum, the construction time was limited to 12 days and was scheduled for the summer holidays. During the full closure, local traffic will be diverted in both directions via Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Stuttgart-Rohr, Oberaichen, Musberg and Leinfelden-Echterdingen and vice versa.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, August 18)

Elbenplatz construction site in Böblingen

Böblingen: Construction work has begun on the city’s main traffic junction / The temporary junction into Poststraße becomes the eye of the needle. Last weekend, the construction site was set up under full closure. Now parts of it can only be entered in one direction.

The first of four construction phases has been started. Until November, the canal in Herrenberger Straße in the area between the intersection with Parkstraße and Elbenplatz will be replaced and a cycle path will be created at the same time. Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee is being rebuilt on the side of the Kreissparkasse. This will cause considerable traffic obstructions. On Herrenberger Straße, between the intersections with Parkstraße, only one lane is still passable in both directions. Towards the city, traffic was already jammed on Monday almost up to the intersection Berliner Straße. This is also because Parkstraße is currently still closed due to work on the district heating pipeline. Nevertheless, this scenery provides a foretaste of what is likely to happen there in the coming months, especially after the end of the holidays at rush hour.

(BB Kreiszeitung, August 18)