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Host Nation Update, August 17, 2021

New corona rules in Baden Wuerttemberg – More testing and no limit on meetings
As of Monday, there are uniform rules for the entire State of Baden-Württemberg, and since Monday, new rules have been in effect, especially for non-vaccinated and non-recovered persons. They must again show a current, negative test result in more areas of life. For example, in restaurants, in swimming pools, in museums or at public events, which they were previously able to attend in the district without a test certificate due to the incidence values below 35. For the first time in a year and a half, discotheques can re-open, however, here visitors who have not been vaccinated against Corona or recovered from Covid-19 must show a PCR test.
(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 17)

Corona tests – will teenagers have to pay for them in the future?
Stuttgart, Germany – The state’s new Corona ordinance requires the unvaccinated and unrecovered to submit tests for various events. However, the federal government will stop funding the tests starting Oct. 11. That poses new questions for people who can’t be vaccinated. That includes adolescents, for whom there is now a vaccination recommendation and it is not possible to say exactly at this stage. A spokesman for the state health minister, Manfred Lucha (Greens), points out that the obligation to pay for the tests can only be introduced once the federal government has adapted its test ordinance.

Exempt from cost obligations should be people who cannot be vaccinated and for whom there is no vaccination recommendation.  The ministry spokesman emphasizes that after the vacations, children and adolescents in Baden-Württemberg will be tested at schools free of charge, as before. It is not yet possible to say exactly what will happen in October, as the test ordinance is not yet available. However, experts believe it is unlikely that young people will have to pay for their tests. Especially since the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Christine Lambrecht (SPD), emphasizes that the recommendation of the “Stiko” does not imply any mandatory vaccination of children and adolescents. 

According to Health Minister Lucha, children and adolescents over the age of twelve can get vaccinated in all vaccination centers. Many family doctors and pediatricians also offer vaccinations for this group.  According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, children who have not yet started school and students in elementary school are exempt from mandatory testing. The latter are tested twice a week at school. (Stgt Nachrichten, Aug 17)

Current Corona figures in Baden-Württemberg
The number of confirmed Corona infections in Baden-Württemberg since the start of the pandemic rose by 217 to 511,637 (as of 4 p.m. Monday). Meanwhile, 10,437 people have died from infection with or related to the corona virus, which was one more than the previous day. An estimated 495,766 infected people are considered recovered (up 223).

The statewide seven-day incidence dropped minimally within a day from 30.0 to 29.7, up from 17.3 a week earlier.  None of the 44 urban and rural counties in the Southwest is still in the single digits. 6,775,584 people in Baden-Württemberg have now been vaccinated once against the coronavirus, according to the Robert Koch Institute. That is 61.0 percent of the population, according to the data. The national average is 63.2 percent. According to the data, 6,361,666 people or 57.3 percent are considered fully vaccinated in the southwest (nationwide: 57.2). With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, one dose is sufficient. Two shots are needed for all other vaccines. Since the end of December, 147,928 cases with evidence of “variants of concern” have been submitted to the state health department. These are considered viruses with mutations that have a higher risk of infection. The delta variant, which is considered highly contagious, dominates.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 17)


                                            | 7-D-I|  Chng
Baden-Württemberg      |  29.7 |  -0.3
County                 | 7-D-I |  Chng
LK Böblingen     |  19.9  |  same
SK Stuttgart       |  35.9  |   3.5
LK Esslingen      |  35.1  |  -0.4
LK Ludwigsburg |  26.6 |  -3.7
LK Tübingen       |  24.5 |   1.8
LK Calw                |  19.5 |   same


Non- Corona related news: 

New 30 km- speed limit in Sindelfingen – Speed limit 30 at daycare centers, schools and retirement homes
In order to increase safety for children and residents at schools, daycare centers and retirement homes, the speed limit for various road sections in the city of Sindelfingen will be restricted to 30 km/h during the core hours of the facilities. (BB.heute.de, Aug 17)