Local news translated – Friday, Aug 13, 2021

Host Nation Update, August 13, 2021

Changes in the CORONA Ordinances:

Although B-W has not yet published the announced update to its main coronavirus ordinance, “CoronaVO”, news sources are covering anticipated changes. In an interview with SWR, Uwe Lahl, the B-W Health Ministry Chief of Staff, stated that there would not be an upper limit on participants in private gatherings and celebrations, although unvaccinated people could face contact limitations if the rate of infection in that group became too high. The Stuttgarter Zeitung noted that weddings could again take place with unrestricted numbers of guests and likely without tests for unvaccinated guests. PCR tests will be required in stadiums and concerts, because of the closeness of crowds in those situations. Until school starts again, schoolchildren under 18 are exempt from testing requirements. Pointing to the 7-D-I as “the beginning of the chain,” Lahl said that the 7-D-I would continue to play a role, but hospitalizations and ICU occupancy would also flow into the assessment. Lahl said that a new indicator would be developed in the coming weeks, with a daily prognosis of what the ICU occupancy would be three weeks in the future. The update to the “CoronaVO” will likely be published today, 13 AUG 21, or tomorrow and is expected to take effect on Monday, 16 AUG 21. (SWR/Stuttgarter Zeitung, Aug 13)

Changes in the CORONA Ordinances in regards to clubs and swimming pools

Esslingen District – One day after the announcement of Baden-Württemberg’s path in the corona pandemic, reactions in the district range from wait-and-see to positive. In the southwest, the decisions of the federal-state conference apply earlier than elsewhere, namely as of next Monday. The so-called three-G rule will then apply indoors and at events. This means that only those who have been vaccinated, have recovered or have been tested will be allowed to go to restaurants, hairdressers or concerts. This rule applies regardless of incidence numbers, and that it would become more complicated for the unvaccinated to attend indoor events. 

As a result of the new version of the Corona ordinance, clubs and discos will also be allowed to reopen as of Monday – and without a limit on the number of visitors. The three-G rule also applies, but with one special feature: a rapid antigen test is not sufficient in the discotheque. Anyone who wants to go partying needs a PCR test, and that is sometimes associated with high costs. There are certainly some visitors who have not yet been vaccinated. When asked about the application of the new Corona rules to the swimming pools, it always takes a few days until the regulations are set out in concrete terms and can thus be implemented. Until then, previous regulations apply indoors and outdoors. One must sign up and register online.  The tickets are to be paid online, ticket sales on site are not possible. Pools have limited numbers of people allowed in the pools, and spacing rules apply. Masks must be worn in enclosed areas except wet areas and showers, and in locations where spacing cannot be maintained.  (Stuttgarter Zeitung, Aug 13)


                         | 7-D-I |  Chng
  Baden-Württemberg      |  23.7 |   2.3
  County                 | 7-D-I |  Chng
  LK Böblingen           |  11.5 |  -1.2
  SK Stuttgart           |  27.4 |  -0.1
  LK Esslingen           |  23.4 |   0.2
  LK Ludwigsburg         |  26.6 |   2.4
  LK Tübingen            |  13.1 |   2.6
  LK Calw                |  16.3 |   0.6


Open-Air in Böblingen – Blue House presents crossover band and soul at the summer at the lake

Böblingen – The cultural network Blue House had presented a series of outdoor events on the Schönbuch-Bräu grounds from June to July under the motto “Blue Open”. For the powerful final chord, the Böblingen cultural association is now moving to the parking deck of the Böblingen Congress Hall for two concerts. On Saturday, there will be a long-awaited reunion.  The series “summer at the lake” the blue house presents first on Friday, 13 August, at 19.30 o’clock the band Äl Jawala. The performance of the world music formation promises an energetic crossover of Balkan brass and oriental music. “Danceable culture shock” is a label the band is given in the press release, tongue-in-cheek yet fitting. The five musicians of Äl Jawala want to play with clichés and different sound worlds and create a universal sound from contrasts and tensions. According to the group, they stand for “a unique mixture of party and concert experience: unconditionally danceable, loud and unbridled, without losing musical depth and richness of facets.”

Regulars at the Blaues Haus are likely to be particularly looking forward to Saturday, August 14, because that’s when soul singer Journi and her Playground Band will be back in Böblingen for the first time since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, starting at 7:30 pm. The American professional singer succeeded Theresa Burnette four years ago as the reigning “soul queen” in the Blue House. She was a regular guest at the cultural center with the Playground Band and sang her way into the hearts and ears of the guests from the very beginning.   Now she is back again in Böblingen. Advance tickets are available at www.reservix.de or by calling (07031) 620029 at the Kreiszeitung Böblinger Bote.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 13)