Local news translated – Thursday, April 7, 2021

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Germany is currently under strict lockdown restrictions, which include curfews.
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Daily Host Nation Update, April 7, 2021

After Corona protests in Stuttgart

Stuttgart – As a police unionist and manager, Phillipp Maurer (name changed) cares a lot about the well-being of his colleagues. After major operations, the officers talk a lot, “On the ride in the car or in individual conversations,” says the member of the police union (GdP). This was also the case on Saturday, when he returned with his people after the long mission in Stuttgart at the “Querdenker” (Lateral thinkers) demonstration. His assessment of how the police officers are faring is short and clear: “Not good. We have to pay for what is politically wrongly decided.”  His colleagues felt as if “everyone was just beating on them.” They did not go home satisfied at all after the mission. It’s very disappointing when you can’t do anything.” The options for influencing such a large crowd of 15,000 protesters are limited, he said. “The police made several announcements from a loudspeaker truck that “Corona requirements must be observed”; explains Maurer. ” but it’s not that simple: you just have to assess the consequences,” says the trade unionist. In the large crowd, it simply did not seem feasible for the police to take action against the mass mask violations. Only 254 people were reported.  If he calls Saturday’s crowd comparatively harmless, that’s not to say he approves of the event. “But I have also experienced other things on the subject. I was  in Berlin, standing on the steps of the Reichstag, when the call to storm the Reichstag came from the stage. That was bad, it was totally heated and aggressive,” he recalls. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Apr 6)

Several speed cameras in Stuttgart pasted over and put out of action

Stuttgart – Unknown perpetrators placed stickers over several speed cameras in Stuttgart on Saturday, putting them out of action. On Tuesday, the city of Stuttgart announced its intent to file charges against the perpetrators. Employees of the traffic monitoring had initially inspected all stationary equipment on the routes of the Corona demonstrations after the Easter holidays. In addition to four speed cameras on Cannstatter Straße, stickers were also emblazoned on two speed cameras each on Theodor-Heuss-Straße and Friedrichstraße.  Employees of the city removed the stickers illegally attached to the viewing windows of the meters. The installations should be able to go back into operation after cleaning on Tuesday. To what extent radar photos have to be declared invalid because of the taped-up cameras, was initially unclear.  The stickers were covered with messages such as “Basic rights are not negotiable,” “I will not be forcibly vaccinated” or “Humanity knows no incidence.” “Criminal proceedings have been initiated. However, we currently have no suspects known by name. Investigations into this are ongoing.” Attacks on speed cameras occur in Stuttgart every now and then, but mostly with spray cans.  Speed monitoring equipment is often damaged throughout Germany. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, however, no data is collected on how many cases of damage to speed cameras occur each year. The cases are included in the statistics under damage to property. These can be punished with a prison sentence of up to two years or a fine. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Apr 7)

Childcare in Baden-Württemberg start after Easter without more corona protection

Stuttgart – Regardless of whether the 430,000 daycare children and about 90,000 educators and employees of daycare centers in Baden-Württemberg can already be tested twice a week, many of these facilities in the state resumed emergency care or regular operations on Tuesday after the holiday break. This means that the State is proceeding differently at the daycare centers than at the schools: there, attendance classes will remain suspended beyond the official end of the vacations (on April 12) until April 19, because the test operation in the area of Baden-Württemberg can only be secured at that time. In many cities and municipalities that have committed to the testing strategy for educational institutions, educators and staff are already being tested for COVID twice a week. However, this is only the case where administrators have aggressively taken charge of organizing the tests in their own educational institutions. In addition, at the time of going to press, there were still no specifications for the testing of daycare children in Baden-Württemberg in the southwest. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Apr 7) 

Tübingen remains a model city – This is how Lord Mayor Boris Palmer optimizes the Corona project

Tübingen – The Tübingen Corona model project with rapid tests may continue despite a high seven-day incidence – but under new conditions. Outdoor catering must close, day tickets for visitors from another district are abolished. In addition, mandatory testing takes place in the education sector and in companies.  Tübingen’s Lord Mayor Boris Palmer (Greens) is pleased with the news from Stuttgart. “We will continue, I think that’s right,” he says. “We will test more and control more, so that retail and culture in Tübingen can remain open without the city becoming overcrowded.” The numbers so far show no increase due to the relaxations, Palmer points out. He points to the positive rate of rapid tests at the nine swab stations in the city center: it has been constant at 1 in 1,000 for weeks, he says. However, the seven-day incidence has risen considerably: in Tübingen it was 82.0 on Monday, and 108.9 in the district.  To detect infections, Palmer wants to introduce mandatory testing in the education sector and in businesses with 50 or more employees starting next Monday. City officials will offer rapid tests for purchase by businesses. “By expanding mandatory testing and cracking down on situations where there are increased risks of infection, we are making our model test even safer,” Palmer says. Mandatory testing is required at both daycare centers and schools; twice a week, children and adolescents must take a rapid test at the facility or at home. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Apr 7)


 Non-Corona related news: 

Böblingen: Two construction phases in Herdweg 

Work on the water connection of a private house in Herdweg requires two full closures: The overall measure will take place from Tuesday, April 6, to presumably Friday, April 9, in two construction phases: Construction phase 1 from April 6 to probably April 8: Herdweg will be fully closed between Sudetenstrasse and Gansseeweg. The two junction areas are not affected. A detour will be posted via Sudetenstraße – Schwalbenweg – Adlerstraße – Kranichweg to Gansseeweg and vice versa via Gansseeweg – Kranichweg – Reiherweg – Schwalbenweg to Sudetenstraße. The city transport line 725 is affected. The Waldorfschule stop will be cancelled without replacement during this period. The Eichendorffschule stop will be served for both directions of travel in the direction of the Waldorfschule. Construction phase 2 expected from April 8 to 9: Sudetenstrasse will be fully closed between Herdweg and Schneekoppestrasse. The two junction areas are not affected. A detour will be posted via Herdweg – Keilbergstraße – Schneekoppestraße to Sudetenstraße and vice versa. The bus line 723 will be affected. The bus stop Eichendorffschule will be cancelled without replacement during this period. Please use the bus stop Ganssee as a substitute. (BB, heute.de April 7)