Local news translated, August 20

Daily Host Nation Stories – August 20, 2020

New infections hit highest level since May

The number of new corona virus infections in Germany has risen to the highest level in more than three months. Within one day, the public health authorities reported 1510 new cases, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The last higher number was on May 1 with 1639 new infections registered. The peak in the daily reported new infections was at the beginning of April with more than 6000, after that the values had decreased. Since the end of July, the number has been rising again.

According to the RKI, almost 40 percent of the people currently testing positive for the virus in Germany have become infected abroad. According to this information, infections among travelers returning from Kosovo and Turkey were mainly found among children and their parents, which “indicates possible travel within the family group”. In Spain and Croatia, on the other hand, people between the ages of 20 and 24 were mainly infected, “which in turn tends to indicate pleasure and party tourism”.

What does this mean for the situation in Germany and in Baden-Württemberg?

The more people that return from holidays with an infection, the greater the risk of infections at home. This is especially true if the infection was not detected. That is why it makes sense to test travelers upon their return. On the other hand, the recent significant increase in the number of corona tests and the obligation to test travelers from high-risk areas such as the Balkans or Turkey means that infections are now detected that would not have been detected before the start of the holidays. German States in which the holidays are over have so far had to deal with considerably higher corona infection rates than Baden-Württemberg. In B-W the holiday-related dynamic of infections is also unfolding: the number of new infections registered on Tuesday was 142 – more than twice as high as the week before (65).

Who is mainly affected by the new infections?

It is mainly young people. This probably has to do with celebrations in leisure time as well as private parties, to which especially younger people meet in large numbers. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, August 20)

Covid-19: Reason for loss of sense of smell

LONDON/BALTIMORE. Researchers are believed to have found out why many Covid-19 patients temporarily cannot smell anything. Their results could possibly even be a new approach to treating the infected, write the experts from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore (USA) in the “European Respiratory Journal”. For their study, they examined tissue from 23 patients that had been removed during nose operations. The researchers were able to detect extremely high doses of the enzyme ACE-2 in the samples – exactly in the area of the nose that is responsible for olfaction.

The enzyme is believed to be the gate that enables the coronavirus to enter the body cells. Other studies also point to this. The results must now be confirmed by further investigations, said one of the scientists involved. “If that’s the case, then we might be able to fight the infection with antiviral therapies given directly into the nose.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, August 20)

Non-Corona related news:

Perpetrator used his car as a weapon

Berlin authorities are assuming that a series of accidents on the city’s Autobahn is due to an Islamist attack. A 30-year-old man from Iraq had rammed other vehicles with his car on Tuesday evening, injuring six people. He purposely “hunted down” motorcyclists. He hit two motorcyclists and a scooter driver. The motorcyclists and a car were hit, another car was grazed. The collisions are considered targeted attacks. “Due to the circumstances, we do not assume a random accident”. One motorcyclist suffered severe injuries to his head and spine. The suspect was arrested. In the evening, the public prosecutor’s office announced that he had been placed in a closed psychiatric institution of the penal system. He had caused the crashes on Tuesday evening around 6:30 pm at three places on the city’s Autobahn on the edge of the city center. According to the spokesperson for the public prosecutor’s office, an investigation is underway to determine whether other people were involved in the attack. The Berlin-based newspaper “Tagesspiegel” reported that the endangered person was assigned to the spectrum of the terrorist militia Islamic State. The suspected driver had posted references to the planned crime on Facebook. The Iraqi posted photos of the car that served as a weapon as well as religious sayings in which the word “martyr” appears. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, August 20)

Open Air summer events taking place at “Hoehenpark Killesberg” (nearby R.B.)

The 2020 season at the Open Air stage Killesberg is taking place after all. From Aug. 29 to Sept. 9, there will be six open-air concerts – for 500 guests each, sitting in pairs or in groups of four on chairs in the interior or in the stands far apart. “In consultation with the authorities, we have developed a Corona-compliant event concept. Almost sold out is the performance by former “Tomte” singer, Thees Uhlmann, on Tuesday, September 1. The open-air summer in Höhenpark Killesberg will open on Saturday, August 29 with the Orchestra of Culture, which will play under the motto “One World Summer”. The singer Annett Louisan will present her new album “Kitsch” on Thursday, September 3. On Friday, September 4, the Junge Chor Stuttgart will present its broad repertoire: “Hurray! We still sing!” Comedian Willy Astor will be coming on Saturday, September 5, with his program “The Hunter of the Lost Set”. On Wednesday, September 9, pop singer Vona will follow. The start is usually at 7.30 pm (at the Orchestra of Culture and Astor at 7 pm). Tickets are only available by by phone 07 11 / 2 55 55 55 or at www.easyticket.de. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, August 20)