Local news translated – April 19, 2021

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Daily Host Nation Update, April 19, 2021 

After action report of Saturday’s demonstrations in Stuttgart

Stuttgart – last Saturday will be remembered; a few hundred demonstrators against Corona ordinances, the “Querdenker” or lateral thinkers; opposed by members of the left-wing scene, hooded and dressed in black, and a very large police number of almost 1200 officers.   The judicial cross-demo ban has had an effect. Although the police spoke of “various gatherings aimed against the movement and its sympathizers”, in which about 400 people participated.   Police reported a total of 1,000 mask violations in the downtown area, nearly 400 of them on public transportation. There are also twelve charges for violations of the right of assembly. Two police officers were slightly injured during acts of resistance. There was apparently no damage to property. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, April 18)

No more meeting of young people showing of their high-horsepower cars at Sensapolis area in Böblingen

Böblingen. On Friday evening, Flugfeld-Allee was under surveillance of the forces of order. In front of the new Wöhrwag building, a lane was blocked off and controlled by a patrol car crew; a few hundred meters further on, at the height of the Sensapolis, the same picture. Flashing blue lights made it clear that no screeching tires, no roaring engines, and no more mass meeting during Corona times would be tolerated.  The area became a hotspot for young people from all over the region where hundreds of them gather regularly to meet and to talk and celebrate their high-horsepower cars.  The fact that these actions do not take place without conflict has been a topic of discussion for weeks. The love of “pimped” cars and high-revving engines regularly ends in honking concerts, the odd race and the intense preoccupation with spinning tires and motorcades. The result: annoyed residents and a situation that always seems to get out of hand. “It’s no longer bearable,” complains one citizen, “the engines are howling, the tires are squealing , there’s honking and loud jostling here and there, people are standing together in groups  of between two and five.”   The tuning scene kept the police on their toes with high-horsepower cars. A look at the past weekend proves the attraction that Böblingen now has for the PS scene from the entire region. The police counted almost 700 people and over 400 cars shuttling between Flugfeld and Herrenberger Straße. The balance shows that the focus was not always on seeing and being seen: the police had to deal with 430 expulsions, 114 charges for violations of the Corona regulations and two insults to officials.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, April 19)

Non-Corona related news: 


Increased fines for drivers

Fines for drivers have almost doubled. In future, anyone who fails to form an emergency lane in a traffic jam or even uses the emergency lane for themselves, will receive a fine between 200 and 320 Euros, as well as a one-month driving ban. Drivers who park their vehicle in a general no-stopping or no-parking zone will in future receive a ticket of up to 55 euros, instead of the previous 15 Euros.

Speeding within a town up to 15 km/h; the amount of the fine increased from 25 to 50 Euros. (Tagesschau.de, April 19)

Böblingen: Reconstruction plans for Stadtgrabenstrasse

At the intersection at List-Platz, traffic jams often occurred when public buses were parked in front of the traffic lights. Now the city has improved the traffic light program.  Turning is now only authorized to the right into Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee with a  maximum speed of only 20 km/h. The city administration and local council want to free Stadtgrabenstraße from through traffic, redesign it and turn it into an area that comes close to a pedestrian zone. These plans have met with a divided response.   Until the reconstruction work on Elbenplatz got in the way of straight-through traffic from Stadtgrabenstrasse into Herrenberger Strasse and left turns into Poststrasse, Stadtgrabenstrasse was used by 8,000 to 10,000 vehicles a day. This is a lot of through traffic that will continue to flow along Sindelfinger Strasse in the future. Or, it is hoped, after completion of the transversal ring road, which in a few years will run parallel to the highway from the thermal baths to the airfield, will bypass Böblingen’s city center. (BB.heute.de, April 19)