Infrastructure upgrades, improvements to continue in 2018

Ongoing construction in Panzer Kaserne housing outside of Bldg. F. Photo by John Reese, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

By Larry Reilly
USAG-Stuttgart Public Affairs 

Throughout 2017, construction could be found across the Stuttgart military community as roads were torn up to replace cobblestones on Panzer Kaserne and heating lines on Patch Barracks. Construction sites were also evident with the building of the Subway Sandwich concession on Kelley Barracks and repairs to Building 300 on Robinson Barracks.

Whether it was road or facility work, the construction sites also had an impact on the flow of traffic and the availability of parking throughout the community.

A load of gravel fills a hole in front of a Panzer Kaserne housing unit after underground work was complete. Photo by John Reese, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

“The aging infrastructure of our five installations really needs some upgrading and 2018 will bring with it a number of construction projects designed to improve the quality of our living and working environments,” said Col. Neal A. Corson, commander, USAG-Stuttgart. (See p. 2). “There is no doubt; it will be challenging and at times frustrating as the roads and buildings on our installations will be under repair. However, in the long run, we will have a much improved community.”

Future projects such as the new commissary on Panzer Kaserne or the new elementary school on Patch Barracks may be a few years down the road. However, the community reaped the benefits of a couple projects that were completed in 2017.

“We were able to complete the construction of the artificial turf sports field on Panzer Kaserne,” William R. Rossignol, Chief of Engineering, Directorate of Public Works. “Along with Subway, we were able to complete the renovations to the Kelley Kantine.”

For those who work and live on Kelley, a new edibles outlet is a welcome site. However, they may want to enjoy a leisurely walk to the get their food fix – traversing the streets will continue to be a challenge in 2018 as the construction project to repair broken and old drainage pipes under the roadway continues. Parking at Kelley will continue to a challenge throughout the New Year; the early bird will for certainly get the parking spot.

A worker tamps down gravel in front of a Panzer Kaserne housing entryway. Photo by John Reese, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

Patch Barracks will also challenge drivers trying to maneuver around and looking for parking spots. The current construction project repairing the heating lines and causing havoc along some of the main streets on Patch will continue well into 2018. The New Year brings the start of projects to build a parking garage behind the commissary and to demolish the old elementary school. More to follow, as many more projects are planned for Patch Barracks during the next couple of years.

If you are looking for that sleepy little installation, don’t look toward the Stuttgart hilltop as the roads on Robinson Barracks will be under construction to replace all the heating lines for the residence stairwells and entrance roadway repairs will be done throughout next year. The residence units in BLDG 184, will be converted from two and three-bedroom units to three and four- bedroom units.

“RB will look like all the other bases during the next two years; construction everywhere,” Rossignol said.


Hardhats await the return of their workers as fresh cement hardens over exposed pipes in the Panzer Kaserne housing area. Photo by John Reese, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

At Panzer Kaserne, the commissary construction project will start to show signs of life, and a project to install a permanent access control point canopy will be conducted. The construction project in the Panzer Housing area to repair heating lines will continue well into 2018.

It is said that patience is a virtue. That personality character will come in handy in 2018 as many construction projects are underway throughout the community.

“We will continue to pursue ways to increase the quality of life within our community to ensure that everyone who calls Stuttgart their home away from home will also say … “I am glad I live here,”   said Corson


(Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles that will outline the various construction projects that will conducted on the five installations within the Stuttgart military community.)