Local news translated, July 2

Daily Host Nation Stories July 2, 2020

Importance of keeping face masks properly washed

Lisa-Marie Käser, senior physician at the Institute for Hospital Hygiene at the Klinikum Stuttgart, explains: “Bacteria can multiply on the inside of the mask and enter the mask by exhaling from the mouth and nose. In contrast to viruses, bacteria do not need a host organism to reproduce, but can also multiply on surfaces, for example in a face mask.”

A mask offers almost heavenly conditions for bacteria. “The inside of the mask becomes moist and warm when exhaled, which is very good environmental conditions for bacteria to multiply rapidly,” explains the senior physician. If you don’t believe this, you may be convinced by the strong smell that develops at some point and indicates that it is time to wash the mask again. “The mask may start to smell unpleasant,” confirms the senior physician.

However, not only bacteria, but also viruses can get caught in the face mask. “Viruses, such as the corona virus, can stick to surfaces and survive there for a certain period of time, depending on the material properties, however, they cannot multiply there,” explains Lisa-Marie Käser.

She recommends washing the mask regularly in at least 60 degrees water. If properly washed, a mask can be reused without any problems. Best practice is to store a reusable mask in a breathable container to insure it dries out completely in between uses and washes. (Canstatter Zeitung, July 2)

As infections drop, city crisis team goes into “standby” mode

After a persistently low level of new coronavirus infections in Stuttgart, the administrative staff set up to deal with the pandemic has adapted its work to the now calmer situation. The previous risk assessment on the four-level scale has been reduced from three (orange) to two (yellow). The administrative staff, which met every day, will be “put into a standby mode,” according to the city administration.

The administrative staff under the leadership of Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn (Greens) had been appointed on March 17. “Our administration has been dominated in recent months by the fight against the coronavirus,” Kuhn said. Fortunately, they had been “very successful”. They had “done everything that could be done, but we have also been a little lucky”, explained the Lord Mayor. “For a big city, we did well,” he is convinced. Although Stuttgart did have a considerable number of cases of infection in the beginning due to many returnees from ski resorts such as South Tyrol. The Lord Mayor particularly emphasized the commitment of Stuttgart’s hospitals. “Our hospitals have cooperated excellently.”

As a precaution against a possible new increase in infections, the city and its hospital are planning a “pandemic warehouse” for protective equipment and disinfectants with masks, gloves, protective glasses and protective suits.

Mayor Fritz Kuhn also sees the city as “well prepared.” He is nevertheless concerned about the coming autumn and winter when people spend more time indoors and in close quarters with others. (Canstatter Nachrichten, July 2)

Germans book more holidays abroad again

According to the tourism industry, German citizens have been booking significantly more holiday packages abroad for the holiday months of July and August in the last two weeks with renewed interest in air travel to the Mediterranean, the German Travel Association (DRV) informed the newspapers of the Funke Media Group. The tour operators for the Spanish islands recorded the most new bookings. Last week, 15 percent booked a flight to the Balearic Islands – such as Majorca or Ibiza – and eleven percent chose the Canary Islands. Destinations in Germany were chosen by 25 percent. Greece booked 21 percent. According to the figures, bookings for Austria, Italy and Croatia are also increasing in the single-digit range during the German summer holiday season. (Funke Media Group, July 2)

Sindelfingen open-air swimming pool allows 400 at a time

As of Friday July 3, additional guests will be allowed into the outdoor pool. Four hundred daily visitors will be admitted in four shifts. This was announced by the head of the sports and swimming pool office Christian Keipert in the municipal council at the request of FDP city councilor Max Reinhardt. At the beginning of June, the pool initially only allowed 100 daily visitors during these four blocks of time. Patrons still must make a reservation. Information and tickets are available on the Internet at www.badezentrum.de. (Boeblinger News, July 1)